Let the Cracks Be Filled with Flowers

While rambling on the street, I found a wall with innumerable cracks on it. The wall looked awful and fragile; felt like even if I touched it, it would shatter
into pieces. I moved away from it and started walking again. After walking a few meters I saw an old man standing near the wall and doing something to it. Curiosity hit and my brain was stuffed with questions. I stood near him and watched him filling the cracks with soil. I asked myself, "Why soil? Why
not cement?”

I asked him in the mildest tone, “Good morning,gentleman, what are you doing?"

He replied, “I’m filling the cracks with soil."

"Man, I could see that, I didn’t ask you that", I yelled inside my mind. I further asked, “Why are you filling the cracks with the soil?"

Without uttering a word, he pointed towards the wall which was a few meters away. I saw the walls getting shades of pink, red, purple, yellow, orange and green. I walked a few meters and saw those ugly walls getting beautiful. The cracks were filled by planting colourful flowers in them. Looked like the old man had been doing this for months and taking care of them. The flowers and the leaves in the cracks gave a new look to the walls. They could not be any more beautiful. Not only attractive but also they smelled flowers hence pleasing the pedestrians. I
started appreciating the old man’s idea. I went back to the old man and appreciated him for his efforts. I asked him, “Why do you plant flowers in cracks
when you can simply fill them with cement." He replied that though cement makes the walls stronger, it also makes them look filthy whereas planting flowers in the cracks not only makes the walls stronger but also enhances them. I questioned
him, "Why would you put so much of your energy in these walls by filling them with soil, planting seeds, pouring water, and taking care of them." He smiled and said that all his efforts were worth if those walls could make someone happy. He then said, “I see hundreds of people smiling at the walls every day that in turn makes me happy.” The old man’s heart was indeed filled with divine love expecting nothing in turn but the smiles of people.

He further said, “Son, when life gives you cracks (pains) look after them rather than ignoring them. Do not deal with them for the sake of just getting over
them. Put in those extra efforts to turn that pain into comfort and happiness. Never let the pain make you weaker but come out of it being stronger and beautiful. It is very easy to ignore the cracks which most people do, or just treat them with the necessary changes, but I choose to endeavour. I choose that difficult path because I know difficult paths always lead to beautiful endings; steep slopes lead to the beautiful summits. Life gives you voids(spaces) for you, for you to fill them with those extra things that make you even more beautiful— a
better version of yourself."

That hit me, those golden words couldn’t be any more perfect. I thanked him for those beautiful words. What next?

I joined him in his difficult path waiting for the beautiful ending!

-Chirag Jagad