Ripples of his crime

A picture is worth a thousand words,
now we know of what kind for you!
Before your fetish and lustful gaze,
her soul is broken, it’s black and blue.
This society is an accomplice
for a crime so despicable,
that a smile is no longer welcoming,
and the proximity is unbearable!
Shame is what she feels for his evil deeds,
her muffled protests have died down.
This fear grows on her like a parasite,
in this pain she’ll bleed, she’ll choke and drown!
She feels those eyes staring right at her.
Those monsters breathing down her neck,
with their offensive comments and advances.
Won’t be long until she’s a wreck!
She is intimidated by your hollow threats.
in silence, violated by your cruel word!
This place has rejoiced in ignorance for too long, but this time she will be heard!
Everyone has seen past your facades,
your misdemeanor and your filthy fantasies!
And some of us will take a stand,
to fight these misogynistic realities!
This community has pinned down her word to shroud ghastly misdeeds,
But it is about time we right the wrong.
Only the just and young shall speak,
And they’ll fight this war for however long!

– Surabhee Ghadi