Sunsets and you

You and I
We lay on our backs
Sleeping on the rooftop
Under the vast cloudless sky
I make a silly joke
About how we share our blues
You titter and glance at the horizon
Painted in rich hues.

Orange – golden rays
Spread in the evening skies
The crimson blazing sun
Looks prettier
Reflected in your eyes
You turn me around
Just as you blink
Pointing at nature’s canvas
Painted in pomegranate pink.

And in that moment
I hear no sounds
But our hearts synchronously beating
The vast sky does make you feel so small
And your problems, fleeting.
Standing under all its glory
There’s no where to hide
But I don’t feel so lonely
As long as I have
You by my side.

As darkness starts to creep in
We catch the last few glimpses
Of this mesmerizing view
And I know that
In this lifetime of magical evenings
The best sunsets are the ones
I get to share with you.