The Truth About Emptiness

All of us rather poetically romanticize sadness. We often like to say, “There is a sadness inside me that just won’t go away”. Well you are not the only one. But let me tell you a secret about this feeling of helplessness, loneliness, despair, that never seems to leave me, you or anyone for that matter. I wish it away, every new day, but it does not make a difference. None of my wishes are granted, but maybe because I am wishing for the wrong things. I have a strong reason to believe that maybe this feeling of emptiness is never going away. So as we try to fill the emptiness with emotions of both love and pain, and the magic of temporary happiness or sadness, it drains out all the same.

The emptiness remains. But maybe this emptiness is not supposed to be “filled” by emotions of either love or miserable pain. Maybe it is meant to stay, and make space for all the love, pain, joy, sadness that is unplaced, which never had a home. Maybe this is the reason why, I always feel joy, pain, hurt, love, wrapped in a thick blanket of never-ending emptiness crapes; all at once, but still not the same.

Hope is a tiny fish in this endless ocean of encompassing pain, with corals of love and depths of joy, all never going away. They all are meant to stay. Filling the emptiness of the holes created on the Earth, to be filled with water that we pray.

-Preya Pandya