This Invisible Man

This invisible man that’s going about
Seeing places high and low
Smiting people high and low
He’s doing what no one dared to do
He’s healing what no one cared to
We held summits and made treaties
But the earth still bled and burnt and choked
While some, they feasted, and some, they danced
Some starved and worked, to feed the young
We, the quick, went on with our lives
Seeing little, doing even less
Now while we stay, inside, confined
Some walk miles to live their lives
This is our chance, I say, to change
The order of things that’s wrong, that’s frayed
Let’s stand up for those who walk to live
And do what we can for those who need
The world is healing, and they say that they see
Mountains from the plains, new stars in the sky
Animals are coming alive and they go
Shopping in malls, taking walks in lonely roads
Now we stay in our cages, thinking and dreaming
Like lions in chains, songbirds in their perches
I had a family come look through my window
They pointed their green feathers, and made sport of my endeavours
They squawked their displeasure when I pretended to sleep
I think there’s a big change coming around
That’ll be coming around as we snooze and plan
Our lives once this lockdown ends