To the class of 2020

I know you are going through rough times, “Your so called OLT (One Last Time) has been taken by pandemic crime. Yes you are right, this is the year without graduation. The Class of 2020 I know you are not going to wear that cape and gowns, carrying with you your respective degree and the last of those memories, the fun, the sorrows and the laughs keeping aside all those frown.

But let me speak to you, you began this year with joy and excitement as it was supposed to be the last of it, Maybe some of you prepared for the exams, some of you went for the placements, and some were gonna start their own business. You weren’t supposed to be home right now. You were supposed to live those last of your memories and moments with your friends, enemies and the big gang. Maybe you were planning the moments of those last assignments, those last sessions with the annoying professors, standing in a long queue just to get the last sign and dreaming the memories of the final date line. Maybe you were planning of a big party or the last road trip with those idiots as you have realized that, these are the last times before the change of the seasons. You blooming into a young responsible adult with rights to make your life decisions.

I know some of you have lost those big fat offers and some of you are thinking why in the world did I accept the abroad offers. All those events which were going to be your last defining moments, have changed. This virus has stole your defining year, and you are sitting at home idle thinking, is this Lockdown going to end any time soon?

But don’t you dare whine about this loss because you are the special ones who have to get across. So take this chance to enjoy with your fellow mates, try to extinguish the enmity that you had create. Hangout more online, talk for hours, share the recipe of your favorite food, and have learn some new skills so that you come out of this quarantine being cool! Express through words, Images, Paintings as this time once gone will never come again.

This is the time to accept any challenge and strive for the great honor ever promised, to recommit to your community and yourself. Every individual right now needs you. Needs your commitment towards the society and oneself. Needs you to thrive and grind through these difficult times, so when the ashes settles down the bright sun rises, those sparkly rays can shine at the Zenith of every hope. You are the most luckiest graduation class, and yes I will say it twice, the most luckiest class who will be graduating this year. You have realized the old ways of doing things just don’t work, that must be the foremost reason of the graduation batch of 2020 to gear up.

And as said by the former US President in his speech to Class 2020, “If the world is going to get better, it’s up to you.”

– Keyur Nandu