Winners of Writing Competition 2020!

🏆 Poetry

1. How it is to feel

by Sneha Nath

When he would laugh, every muscle would put efforts to let it show, it would be as if he’s never known pain in his life-
And carefree was all he aspired to be.

2. Writers block

by Ritvi Shetty

You wander like a nomad
Searching for meaning in everything you do
Knowing but not believing that you have it all, within

3. You’re not okay and that’s okay

by Medha Singh

The next time you shut yourself out,
remember that you aren’t alone in any of this,
and that so many of us feel what you feel.

4. Family – An Unchosen Bond

by Rohin Mathew

I was upset because I was soon going to lose my second mom,
And I realised that we were never going to recreate Jerry and Tom.

5. Love is an unrealistic fairy tale

by Bhoomika Shah

He slid his lips through mine brushing off all the thoughts that had conquered my mind;
You realise that it is all an illusion till you meet the best man you can ever find.

🏆 Non-fiction

Ear & Poppy

1. We all bleed red

by Aboli Marathe

It wasn’t just 28 that died that day. It was the innocence of millions. It was belief that died. Brother turned upon brother.

2. A Prison of Ideas – A Historic Journey of the halo effect

by Sonali Das

Have you ever thought that whatever has been told is right or wrong, why is it so? Who decides what is right or what is wrong? What leads to the creation of such predefined norms?

3. Art deprived engineer

by Jai Beri

I believe we need to stop treating our craft as a disconnect or entertainment. It needs to be a part of your identity, of who you are.

4. Opting out of RCEP

by Vasu Golyan

A closer look at the factors that were behind the Modi government’s refusal to join RCEP, uncover the superficiality and trickery of the International political economy.

5. Rise of global authoritarianism

by Moksha Sharma

If injustice and oppression aren’t bad enough, authoritarian governments bear an enormous social cost. Moreover, the free nations do not go to war with each other whereas dictators are always at war.

🏆 Fiction

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

1. Ones left behind

by Aneri Shah

He couldn’t understand for the life of him what went wrong. “Wasn’t she happy?”
“She was sometimes…” Akshita sniffled, “and other times she wasn’t.”

2. The Three-eyed Dog in a Parallel Dimension

by Saaransh Mishra

“I have no idea how this is supposed to work.” I felt giddy. The prospect of talking to my clone was exciting.

3. Veera

by Yash Rajani

Her body was languid, and she lay prostrate against the floor, waiting patiently for what she knew was inevitable. Death.

4. Open wounds

by Nidhi Sura

I’m not an alcoholic.
I’m not a terrible person.
I’m not a sociopath.
Then what is wrong with me?

5. Letters from my grandmother

by Shagnik Chakravarty

…my grandmother did not simply read books, or love them, she lived in them. She was a thousand pages at once…