You belong in my heart, until death can tear us apart.

I’m the exuberant vibe;
crazy adventures, appetizing cuisines,
and partying till aurora.
But you’re reticent enough to spend Saturday night
with your regular meals and and planning the week right.

You’ve engrained thyself with things you ‘prolly don’t enjoy,
And might’ve placed your priorities over ploys.

When is the last time you listened to the voice from within?
When is the last time you’ve treated yourself like bling?

You used to hit me like the summers of the May,
scorching first and balmy later.
The journey of our bond is no less than a roller coaster.
You are right there, besides me;
Through ups and downs, exhilaration and thrill,
No matter what the problem is,
you always found the drill.

Letting go of trivial arguments because I mean the most to you,
Listening to my podcasts even though they don’t make sense to you,
Bailing out on plans I don’t like;
And being enthusiastic about the things that get me psyched.
I’m being very sappy but I just want you to know, you’re very special,
You belong in my heart;
until death can tear us apart.

I know the four-year plan looks so intimidating;
What you wanna be or what you wanna do,
Feels like a lifelong process of figuring,
But all I know is you’re facing it and not running away,
All you have to do is place hopes and firmly stay.

You may never know what unfolds ahead,
What destiny has planned in his head,
Maybe you’ll be in Paris and I’m in Spain
Or maybe we are living as room mates in Britain.
There are no further words I’ll e’er require:
my dear, thou art the one I do admire.