Being distracted.

Amidst this crisis, all of us are feeling different from usual. Some of us are being transformed into dynamic individuals while some of us are struggling with sleeping schedules and some of us are just plain bored. It is hard to know the extensive intangibles being deeply explored by all of us and harder is to settle down with the feeling. With everyone around throwing light upon the importance of taking care of mental health, it sometimes can be a little frustrating. For instance, you know you have to get your project done but you are procrastinating it because you don’t really know how it is to be done but your teacher keeps reminding you about it every once in a while and then you be like-“Can’t she shut up already!” So yes that is what I think about mental health.

They know what has to be done, they are capable of being perfect advisors like us & they have their reasons for not being able to cope up with the standards of living blithely. Not everyone feels alike, someone just needs you to accompany them, someone needs you to be all ears for them and some people may want to be all by themselves and figure things out. So know before you start trying to be of help. Anyway, I’m not going to start elaborating upon that. Just a quick question: What is something that takes your mind off in an important exam/project or when you are upset? Well, I guess most of y’all got that correct-‘Distractions’.

Distractions are highly subjected to reduce our working efficiency and experts say that they are liable of impairing our performance. When I googled about distractions, 95% of the pages showed me the mal effects of distractions, the ways I could overcome distractions and focus on my work. Well, I surely was dejected because distractions for me is an escape-An escape from reality. You may count it as one of my guilty pleasures because I feel that they are simply amazing. (Of course, talking about the positive distractions here.)

Well, sometimes those little getaways can be quite blissful. No reality checks, no judgements and just the scenario you like. Call it day-dreaming or call it a waste of time now, but I know each one of us have had one of those at least once. Distractions actually help cope up with anxiety and stress giving you time to decompress & refocus, rebuild upon the discarded ideas. There’s a reason to why you come up with amazing ideas in your leisure time because your brain is basically on a holiday, chilling in one of the luxurious resort rooms and wandering through endless thoughts that played in the background whilst you were working. But let us all just admit it, the major part of our distractions isn’t something productive but just switching between Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter. Let’s not dive into that guilt now, I’m sure that, “Who invented pineapple as a topping for pizza?” or scrolling through the feed in the quest to find that perfect meme to share is surely gonna be of some use someday.

As for me & (assuming) for most of the teens, this quarantine has got everyone wasted to some extent. Lockdown 1.0(the phase where everyone rejoiced ‘Netflix & Chill’) gave me the perfect break I needed. Lockdown 2.0 – the phase where everyone’s Instagram stories showed how long April felt with an added tinge of #cooking, #dancing, etc. Lockdown 3.0 was a self realisation for the Indian educational institutions that they had set the birds free and it was time to cage them again. Finally, Lockdown 4.0-running out of all the things to do, I decided to plainly lay on my bed, not knowing what to do anymore. And that’s when the wave of my favourite distraction hit me- my crush.

I know distractions are bliss, and you have already got yours now but stay with me, okay? Clicking and clacking of the knees, flipping and flapping of those butterflies, contemplating his starry gaze when your eyes met his and the slight appearing dimple on the apple of his cheeks-that shit makes you smile like an idiot, doesn’t it? Crushes can make or mar your day depending upon the scenario. Exchanging a smile with them in the hallway can add sparkles to your day but if they ignore you, it can possibly sabotage your day. The only place where they are sharing the same feelings like you do is in your self-created distraction. Yep, you weren’t the only one and that’s a real thing. These little doors of happiness cause no harm considering the account of time you have spent on them. The word ‘distraction’ is often seen as a collocation. Avoid distractions but I say you rather work on lessening them instead of trying to get rid of them because after all if it makes you happy hence it is totally worth a while.