Colours of the skies and you.

“Forever the person who gets excited to see the colours of the skies.” Are you one of those?

Outfit-bedazzling, Makeup-pristine, hair-tied up beautifully in a messy bun; I looked at myself in the mirror, all set for the party. Perfectly seated on the couch with my legs crossed, I was waiting for my phone to ring. Being cognisant about the fact that I was way too early, I reminisced by the window sill. The scorch of the lazy afternoon had started shedding its husk and the breezy evening had started to sway. I couldn’t resist the feeling of admiring this wholesome beaut without thinking about you.

From fluffy, bluish white-smoked to a shade of tangerine.

Blossomed vanity overriding serene.

Hues of white hazily jelled in with the blues, compelling the sun to pull out a long warm summer evening but tinge of grey adding a silver lining to it conserved the cool; just the way your placid soul balances my vibrant persona. Outrageous me & forgiving you, lame me & sarcastic you; I’m often taken aback by the contrast of our vivid personalities. Awe-stricken by the wholesomeness of the sky at that time, the hues vanished to make room for the evening tangerine, filling my mind with hope, hopes of being jubilant, hopes of being compassionate  & overcoming the feeling of being complacent.

The skies were then invaded by purplish pink azures.

Just when the tangerines got lost in their endure.

The canvas of the sky redeemed in itself and glorified in its beauty with changing shades of light and the breeze carried itself as soothingly as it could. A heavenly feeling bestowed upon my mind  and the emotions evolved into something soothing and calm, refreshing and clear. A wave of gratification hit me with all its might and made me feel complete. A silhouette of yours sauntered in front of my glazing eyes. Rounded glasses magnifying your starry eyes & ever so fulfilling your goofy smiles, the only therapy I needed after having a long day. Little had I taken the most from it, the greys started to intervene with the purples marking the beginning of the next shade.

The alienated skies were now shimmering in the presence of the stars,

The scintillating moon curved itself as if it smiled upon the dark.

As the candy floss skies transformed into the darkest of hues, I thought there was an invisible artist who kept on experimenting pretty shades on his giant canvas. The twilight emerged slowly and gracefully making the purples vanish in the horizon. Looking upon the now blackened sky, I saw an endless trail of stars resembling to a constellation, a constellation concise enough to make me nostalgic of our memories. The faint light from the street lamp was the only one to shine upon the velvety dark street enhancing  the glowing silhouette of the tree reminding me that even on the darkest of paths, you were present just like a shadow-following me till I reached on the brighter side. Who says darkness devours the light? I believe it is just a juvenile start to the day.

Wanting to see the next shade of aurora blending with the skies,

Electrifying neon dancing ablaze,

But knowing this shade was missing in the palette,

Left me downhearted and somewhat dazed.

What if our story had a climax like those of skies? What if the shades of love went missing from our palette? These questions mystically swayed through my mind as the frosty breeze of the chilling nights hit me in waves. I trembled as the night became chillier. And brought me closer to the truth that unfold. Overriding my faith in destiny, the brutal reality had commenced to kick its way from the long trail of thoughts but a croaky voice interrupted the silence.

“Weren’t you supposed to be at a party? Your friends have been trying to reach you honey. You got us all scared for a moment. Try and answer them next time, if you have change of plans,” he said. That’s when I realised, I had been dreamy for too long and getting all set before time was in vain. No sooner did I pick up my cellphone to call back my friends, it rang again. It was him. I answered hastily, ‘Hello?’ In his husky voice, he said, “Where have you been? Everyone was asking about you.” I smiled underneath my breath and replied, “I’m sorry I missed it, I promise I’ll make it next time.”