A Resounding Silence

It’s said to be golden,
By many from times olden.
“Where’s all the noise,
Of the kid playing with the toys?”
While the house is sleeping,
The child in his room is weeping,
No one to notice that,
The family knows a noisy brat.
“Dream big”, they said,
If you follow that,
You’ll hear, “Just go back to bed.”

Those you spoke to daily once,
Now seldom reply,
No matter how much you try.
There’s a fire burning within,
But none to tame,
Nothing is revealed,
‘Cause nobody likes to feel the shame.

There’s music in your ears to calm you down,
But what goes on in the head makes you frown.
Then in everyone’s sight,
Now into oblivion,
“What’s going on?”,
Wonder only five and not a million.

The world will see what you’ve projected,
It’s alien to them that you feel dejected.
“Grow up”, you will be told,
But those are memories you dearly hold,
All you do is stay quiet,
And gather strength to continue the fight.

Eventually, the silence will speak,
The pain gradually will peak,
You’ve put on a happy face,
The grief so that none can trace.
But don’t shy away from telling your story,
It doesn’t need to be all hunky-dory.

Even if you trust only a few,
There’ll be someone willing to listen to you.
Don’t change to change what’s happening,
You’ll find a way out the way you are,
Think you’re near and not too far,
You’ll find the light amid the darkness,
That you must properly harness.

-Shawn Mathias