An open letter to my friends

Dear “members of the Whatsapp group whose name I refuse to take in public”,

(not for the fear of embarrassment or judgement but because I am still trying to figure out why it is named what it is)

To the ones I have dedicated this letter to, if you’re reading this YAY! That means you’ve actually clicked on the link which I share with you on every single app, every single chat. That’s only because I seek your validation more than anybody else. I’m an average writer/ occasional poet at best. So it’s not like I look forward to your reviews, waiting to drown myself in over-the-top praise, oh hell nah. I wait for your comments because a part of me craves for the brutal unapologetic honesty which you all offer. Most of us don’t have a brain to mouth filter. For some, it’s more evident and inescapable than the rest.  But in the end, our varying personalities, a remarkable combination of phlegmatic and saccharine, result in a group which is perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

You guys have almost always come to the rescue, sometimes without even realizing it. Like now.  After staring at the blinking cursor on my laptop for a week, I decided to write a letter to you people. Except everyone’s allowed to read it. Hence, an open letter.  I spent quite a few days, hopelessly searching for some inspiration to write while it was right in front of me the whole time ( literally! ). I’d like to say that the delay was highly influenced by the unending notifications and my fear of missing out.  Because my otherwise mundane routine is only broken by the non-stop banter on our chat. Jokes on inside jokes on inside jokes. They just keep adding up and I’m convinced that if anybody tries to make sense of our conversations, it’ll be dismissed as argle-bargle within seconds.

Every time I mention you lot to others, they find it really assuming that I’m still close to people from school. Sometimes I can’t blame them because it’s been three years since we went our own ways and yet we have this strong bond keeping us together (maybe because we also equally lack the skills required for making new friends as adults but ok, let’s not conclude).  Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. From the time when we couldn’t rightly pronounce each other’s names, to flying past our awkward teens to now, life alongside you guys is the MOST amazing process of creating a thousand memories and ‘remember when’ moments. And every time we find ourselves in the midst of one such moment, I’m reminded of two lines from one of my favourite books when Quentin (in Paper Towns) is playing Metaphysical I Spy with his friends and he says, “I Spy with my little eye a great story.” And then no one says anything for a while until Ben replies, “It’s this, isn’t it? And that in a nutshell is how I feel whenever I’m surrounded by you all. Every. Single. Time.

Now before this gets overly sappy I’ll stop myself. The whole intention behind writing this was to take a few seconds of my day to say thank you to you guys for sticking around…for all this time and especially now. But like always I just had to go off track and do some ranting. Anyways, enough of this, I will meet you on *Group Name* Quick! You know exactly how crucial it is to be online at the right time.