Self Development Program – A Report

The ongoing pandemic has really upended the lives of all students, right from toddlers to graduates. College life should be filled with enriching experiences and exciting job offers, but for the current batch of students, reality is far more different – scary and uncertain. Consequently, anxiety levels are at an all-time high and students are tackling problems that nobody has encountered before. How will I find a job? How can I pick up more skills during this period? How should I approach virtual recruitment/ video interviews? Am I making efficient use of my time? These are just a few of the questions that have crossed the minds of us students.

Hence, DJ LIT, the literary society of DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering hosted an online event, the ‘Self Development Program’ to discuss these issues. Three topics finalized upon, each addressed in an hour long session by experts from the respective fields, revolved around  ‘Developing a Better Mindset’, ‘Making a Perfect Video Resume’, and ‘Emotional Intelligence as a Skill’.

The self-development program was held amidst the COVID-19 lockdown period on the 12th of August, 2020. On this gloomy, rainy Wednesday, it provided the company of our three speakers, which did much to improve the overall mood of the participants. The sessions were held on the Microsoft Teams platform, where all the students from DJ Sanghvi and most students from other colleges had their college accounts. The speakers and their respective slots were as follows: Mr. Amol Karale, from 3 to 4p.m, Mr. Jogesh Jain, from 4:30 to 5:30, and Ms. Sahiba Singh Dhupar, from 6 to 7. It was a wildly successful turnout, with more than a hundred and fifty students participating from all over the world.

Mr. Karale spoke about his own experiences on the job market, and provided an inspiring example to look up to. He talked about becoming one’s own version 2.0. He advised the students to work for something they were passionate about, but also warned that if passion doesn’t bring in money, it turns to poison. He told us, “The meaning of your life is finding your gift, and the purpose of life is giving it away.” He encouraged us to practice self-love, describing it as magical.

The second session was conducted by Mr. Jogesh Jain, an expert in employability preparation and career mapping who talked about the importance of creating a ‘Video Resume’ in these times.The post-pandemic world is going to witness a change in the traditional ways of recruitment with video resume being the most popular choice amongst employers.

Mr. Jain discussed the benefits and need for a virtual resume. He presented the audience with the perspectives of both : the job applicant as well as employer. By the end of session, the students were well equipped with the knowledge required to
prepare a video resume that will help them further their candidacy in the recruitment process.

Ms. Dhupar had a very interactive session, with the audience sharing their views and experiences along with questions. She urged the participants to become more self-aware, and manage one’s own needs and problems with the kindness that any of us seldom show towards ourselves. She talked about effective conflict resolution, and explained how to train oneself to become one’s own cheerleader. She asked us to treat everyone as an equal, including oneself. She advised the audience to practice social awareness and understand other people’s emotional state. The session ended on a high note, with students talking about their personal hardships and issues.

The audience response was almost unilaterally positive, with many students commenting on the usefulness of the sessions.  There was a lot of positive feedback for each of the speakers, with many students expressing interest in having similar future sessions. They praised the insights given and the motivation received.

-Isha Joshi and Krittika Roy