Is 2020 that bad?

Throwback to December 2019, when we were all busy cribbing about the year and had already over-embellished the thought of making 2020 our year. You, yes you just let out an exasperated sigh and I felt it too. The lockdown, on the other hand, was like a much-needed break for all of us and we all saw it as a blessing, at least I did. But as time went by, we slowly realized the gravity of the thrill even in our very non-happening daily schedules; the intense hustle and bustle for the fourth non-existent seat in railway trains, bunking lectures because the canteen sofa seemed cozier than usual and those 10-minute walks from the station to college because the rickshaw driver never said yes.

The 21-day lockdown drastically turned into perpetuity of accustoming to an altogether new lifestyle. The salons are now going to be a source of entertainment as some of us will be getting a haircut after eternity while the other half will be fixing their ‘sibling-driven hair-cuts’. Wearing the perfect mask that blends perfectly with the outfit is going to be the new fashion trend for influencers. Maybe our mothers are finally going to normalize wearing pajamas to college as our jeans won’t find a way out of the closet anytime soon. The plain black snaps on Snapchat with nothing but the date and time will finally go back to being pizzas and french fries. Meanwhile, the ‘Stay Home, Stay safe’ Instagram stories and virtual birthday bingos are slowly diminishing behind the small yet wholesome get-togethers of close friends and family. We may have lived the life of a thousand other characters (thanks to Netflix and e-books), but it is time we step out of our houses and live our own.

The entire year passed by, as we waited for the festive months to arrive. Voila, the time has come and the anti-lockdown has almost started itself. Whilst a part of us just wants this year to end without having to hear another news, we expect something miraculous to happen and everything to fall in place. Despite the ‘normal’ taking a long while to arrive, people have commendably come up with amusing virtual alternatives to compensate. At this point in time in October or I’d rather say Inktober where all of us are indulging ourselves in the ongoing fad of creativity, somewhere inside we’re missing the colourful theme of Navratri 2019 in our story archives. The Falguni pass traders are probably planning on a zoom Navratri, the passionate Garba lovers are still adamant on their prayers for a real Navratri and the whining neighbours are content with the thought of not having to bear with the sound systems even before 10 pm.

Since Diwali witnesses jubilant celebrations and the tradition of ordering kilos of sweets, we are now going to spectate many households being transformed into potential confectioneries. This New year will probably be the first New year without huge parties and champagne toasts at luxurious places and yet it will still hold the likeliness of making everyone gleeful.

We might not have attained the best of things in 2020 but we sure have learned to find the good in everything. We might have missed movies on the big screen with  overflowing buckets of pricey cheese popcorn but instead we had the most deliciously cooked and savoured homemade meals and well-spent family nights. There sure had been a curb on our outdoor activities but we got closer to all our childhood board games such as Ludo and Snakes & Ladders. Old dusty childhood albums and videos were revisited and the memories were smiled upon. We have learned to appreciate the value of all the priceless memories we have shared with our near and dear ones. We learned to focus on ourselves and give time to self-care. 2020 might have distanced us from people that we used to meet everyday but has brought us closer to knowing and developing our own selves and giving time to our families. The way people have supported as well as promoted small businesses and budding talents, creators and artists have been motivated to produce flabbergasting work. This year has not only taught us the importance of household helpers but has also made us value every individual for who they truly are, overshadowing the practice of taking anyone for granted.

The last three months may be eventful like the past year(hopefully) or might be the same as the rest of this year but all I wish to say is that we as individuals are capable of making the best out of every situation, moulding it positively wherever and whenever we can.