Who do you play?

Owing to endless hours of screen-time, nowadays people spend a lot of time by themselves rather than spending it with their friends and family. The most convenient escape from these never ending “work from home” hours is watching videos, surfing the web, exploring on social media and so on. One of the most popular pass times which we all were craving before lockdown is binge-watching TV shows and hogging our favourite snack. From being our guilty pleasures to our becoming a huge part of our everyday routines, TV shows have become a huge part of our lives. Just like a reader who lives a thousand other lives, we couch potatoes have been on so many emotional rides, all at the same time.

Just how your playlist says a lot about you, I believe that the shows you watch say a lot about your traits and your personality to some extent. Sometimes, it’s about what you want or who you want to be. Maybe, it’s about that phase that you went through. Maybe it’s about the character who you can relate to, someone who makes you feel that you are not the only one. There can be numerous other reasons for you to watch something but the most common one is getting indulged. You laugh, you cry, you smile, you empathize – you escape into a whole new world which takes your mind off things for a while (except the 5 second black screen that appears between consecutive episodes).

Isn’t it time already to replace the word ‘nice’ with ‘noice’ in the Oxford Dictionary? Be it catchphrases or one liners, savage comebacks or life lessons; those fictional characters have immensely impacted our non-fictional lives.


I often judge the people passing by,

The way they dress, the way they wave hi.

They would look at me too,

I wonder what made them to.

Sometimes friendly, sometimes mean

Am I, in your books, a “frenemy”?


I sometimes need space, I sometimes act aloof,

But does that mean I do not care for you?

I love you and will always do,

To you, I shall always remain true.

“It’s a mistake”, you said,

But how can I call it a mistake, “The journey was the best part”.


Shuttling between what the world thinks of me to what I think of myself,

I learned that, “People aren’t smart enough to wanna be loved back.”

May you be blessed with all the courage that takes to be real ,

And stop giving all of yourself for something trivial.


You must have surely guessed the TV show/movie characters. These are the ones that I relate to on a personal level. You may or may not like them or maybe you’d like them if it were not for that one annoying habit. But the point is, can you do anything about it? You still watch the show. You do not give up on it just because of one person, do you? Instead, you hold onto it and wait for things to get better. Our life is like a TV show, it just doesn’t have any one genre in particular but a blend of all. You are going to meet your tribe and you are going to meet people who don’t vibe, but what remains constant is you. You are the protagonist in your story. If you don’t let the evil conquer you, things will get better. The choice is yours – Climax or Anticlimax?