Conceptualizing Hostel Life

Movement has been a part of human life since the beginning. People move in search of bigger and better prospects. Today people move to hostels for better opportunities and to make their future more promising.

Home is a place of love and affection while hostel is a place where learners stay away from parents and personal places. Many students prefer to move to a hostel for further studies because they feel they can become more independent. On the other hand, some prefer to stay at home and attend college because they cannot stay away from their family.

Hostel life brings you much closer to your friends. The bond that you share with them is completely different. They soon become your second family whom you cannot live without. There is a disadvantage to this, one might become indifferent to their family and home. At home you tend to avoid the household chores, but in the hostel you are bound to do your own laundry and keep your room tidy.

I believe one has to experience hostel life once in their life. How to handle situations when you are alone, how to behave with others when you are sharing a room with them. You tend to be less selfish and understand better what sharing is.

It is all about choosing the right friends in the hostel. It is not necessary that you will be successful in your first attempt. You will learn from your experiences. Experience is not just important for your resume alone, you need it throughout your life. You get an opportunity to interact with people of the same age and enhance your communication skills.

Staying in a hostel teaches you money management and self-care. Living in a hostel that is located in your campus saves you travelling time and expenses. Hostels are meant to provide opportunities and training for theoretical and practical studies. The students of all castes and creed work and handle things themselves. They know how to take up time management and how to handle their own problems themselves. In the absence of correct guidance in the hostel, students may take up to bad habits that have less chances to happen if they are at home.

You don’t just become independent but you also become strong emotionally as you know you have to tackle your problems and deal with them your way. You will have friends but there will be times when you will be all alone and these things will teach you a lot in life and you will grow as a person. You will see a different person in you by the time you graduate.

You don’t need to convince your parents to go for a sleepover anymore. Your friends here become your family and there is always something about those 3 AM talks happening right under the sky. One thing that hostel life surely will teach you is that nothing can replace “ghar ka khaana”.

Staying away from family in the hostel could be distressing in the beginning. It takes time for students to get accustomed to the hostel lifestyle. During baffling situations they might miss their family members as well. I too miss my brother who stays in a hostel in Chennai. I try to talk to him every day to stay connected. I often ask him to share some of his experiences.

After listening to him and carefully understanding the situations I face, in my opinion hostel and home life have their own pros and cons and it is up to an individual how they want to spend their college life. I feel, every student should be exposed to hostel life at some point in their life and should be given an opportunity to learn things thoroughly.

As for me, I would love to experience the hostel culture at some point in my life. It will make me more self-sustaining, help me make decisions firmly without any assistance from my family which will make me more confident and it will be an experience that will train me for my future.