The Sky is Yours

The sky is yours, and it will forever be. You got the freedom to paint the sky with the colour of your choice. Everyone has a distinct coloured sky painted with their ambitions and desires. This ideology is exquisitely portrayed in Sonali Bose’s “The Sky is Pink” where she threads the path of an emotional discovery to answer our life question.

The movie is written and directed by Sonali Bose, starring Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Farhan Akhtar. Set in London and Delhi, the movie is all about how a couple grapples with the financial and emotional challenges to offer every ounce of life to their daughter who is born with an acute immuno-deficiency condition and dies at the age of 18. Indeed, it could easily have been a weeping story. Instead, it is tender, poignant and heart-warming with some laughter. The movie is shot in a non-linear storytelling type showcasing key aspects of family members’ life. The crisp editing and picturesque cinematography enhance the visual aesthetics. The characters in the movie are truly inspiring. The universe sowed them in various critical circumstances, but they never failed to bloom. The film is overwhelmingly full of life. The Sky is Pink is a rollercoaster of emotions that celebrates love and faith.

Filled with immense love, this movie is an extraordinary love story of a couple that never gives up. It enlightens the fact that hopes do keep our dead soul alive, and faith in our desires helps us achieve them. Even when the sky is dark and grey, your perspective will help you paint it pink. The film will make you want to seek happiness, even when life spells a hex. The movie shows the beautiful parenting of the couple and how parents sacrifice to make their children’s life special. Some moments that had me falling in love with the bond that the parents and children shared.

The movie is a subtle reminder for us to live our life to the fullest because we really don’t know which day becomes our last day. Death is inevitable, so life is what matters, and we got to cherish it. The film teaches us to live in the moment, fully embrace the moment, and do the things that we love. The Sky is Pink is one such film as it encapsulates the true essence of life and death. We, sometimes, lose our loved ones, but there is something that remains intact forever, and that’s love, true and pure love.

The Sky is Pink is a complete package full of various emotions that will touch the right chords of your heart!