DJS Beats

What started in 2019 as a committee formed by a group of friends who love music is now a set of motivated and goal-driven students who want to make an impact. DJS Beats began in 2019 and had a very quiet premise inside the 4 college walls. It was established with a very simple yet fulfilling purpose: to spread the love for music and promote local in-house talent.

DJS Beats was quick to get on its feet and in a few weeks’ time, got everything set up to spread word about the new committee. Beats received the go-ahead from the Hon. Principal, and soon officiated themselves on social media by debuting on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Spotify.

Now it was time for the committee to announce to the world that it had arrived, and it decided that the best way to do so was to collaborate with the college’s official literary society, DJ Lit. DJS Beats in collaboration with DJ Lit, organised an ‘Open Mic Night’ on 11th January 2020.

Open Mic Night: Held on 11th January 2020 in the drawing hall of our college, this was a highly successful and engaging event organised by DJS Beats in collaboration with the literary society of our college, DJ Lit. The event lasted for 6 hours, from 3pm in the afternoon to 9pm in the evening. The event saw spectacular performances in the form of poetry, singing, mono-acts, stand-up comedy and much more. The jam-packed event was sponsored by Coolberg, Alibaba Tattoos, and Brew House Iced Tea. Through this event, the college witnessed the arrival of a new era when it came to musical talent within the college.

Unexpectedly, nature played spoilsport soon and everything came to a halt. Life ceased, and time paused. When it got too much to take, DJS Beats decided to step up and take matter into its own hands (no we didn’t develop the vaccine). DJS Beats organised an online open mic night as a way to bring some much-needed positivity into everyone’s lives.

Online Open Mic: On account of World Music day on 21st June 2020, DJS Beats decided to give everyone a break from their monotonous lockdown life by organising an eventful musical evening. Hosted live on our YouTube channel, the event saw 28 participants from all over the world showcase their musical talents, and it was attended by 1400 viewers. It was a splendid 3-hour event.

Soon enough, it was time to pass the baton and DJS Beats got a makeover as the new core committee took over in September 2020. The new committee had their goals defined: scale new heights. With challenges still in their path, the new core committee decided it was time to try a unique approach and organised their first event, Cadenza.

Cadenza: Based on the theme of “change the genre”, DJS Beats organised this online event wherein the participants were asked to choose a song of their choice, change its genre, and submit the video entries. We received a hearty response and after much discussion the event was set for its finale on 16th January. Top 10 participants were ready to explain their performance and interact with our 3 judges: Mallika Mehta, ZeusXCrona, and Atul Balu. The event was a great success and was in collaboration with ‘Itihasikala’ and ‘Creating Priceless Memories’.

DJS Beats now moves on to future ventures hoping that more and more people discover the joy that music brings.