Upstart by E-Cell DJSCE

Entrepreneurship is a term that has seen tremendous growth in the 21st century. This passed on right from the West to India and started the Age of Start-Ups. Fast forward 10 years to today, each time we look around there is a new idea being capitalized into a start-up. The young generation is working hard to propel the Indian Economy forward one day at a time. Some of the notable startups in recent times are CRED, Dream 11 and so many others that have made it big in fields that weren’t even mainstream over a year ago.

E-Cell DJSCE has come up with UPSTART with the motto  “Ideation to Incorporation” to encourage young people to work out their ideas. It’s simple, “You have an idea, we will help you execute it.” UPSTART is essentially a full-fledged program that starts with a few webinars about the basic steps while building a startup. This is followed by taking those ideas and providing mentors who would guide them ahead. All of this takes place with appropriate amount of time intervals to help grow the idea into something successful. When all is said and done, you and your team would have the chance to pitch the start-up in front of potential investors.

Watching Shark Tank and getting inspired? It’s great. Getting the opportunity to experience it firsthand with UPSTART? That’s mind blowing!

A lot of people strive hard to make a living and yet end up being caught in the 9-5 cycle. Being your own boss is something a lot of people look for but it can only be done by someone who is ready to give in entirely. Engineers are the backbone of new businesses and startups. The technical knowledge along with the all-round development serves as a perfect combination to put an idea into practice. This is exactly the reason why E-Cell DJSCE was formed in order to allow engineers to channel their ideas. 70% of the startups fail miserably due to misdirection, lack of guidance or market knowledge. The founders and their team might be able to work the details out but at guidance is necessary at all times. E-Cell DJSCE provides mentors that have prior experience with building startups and guiding them to the brink of monetary profits.