IEEE Brainwaves is the official IEEE student branch of Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering. IEEE is the world’s largest professional association for advancement of technology. IEEE Brainwaves is the Student Chapter (code: 60401) of the IEEE in Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering. It is duly recognized by the IEEE, USA. IEEE Brainwaves was established in 1997.


IEEE is a student chapter whose sole motive is to spread awareness regarding upcoming field of technology and keep interest groups to work together and take part in various competitions. We believe in leveraging technology for a better tomorrow.


•Founded in 1997 as the first student chapter of the institute

•Best student chapter 2017

•23 years of excellence

•75+ Events



•IEEE brainwaves came up with the seminar on Blockchain which was been conducted by Prof. Pranav Shastri( Asst.Prof. BSc. IT ) on Feb 1st.  The seminar gave aspirants the chance to learn blockchain and how is the perception of the world towards it and the way it’s taking it’s place in today’s world.


•An adventurous trek experience which gave students an opportunity to interact and socialize with the villagers of Prabalmachi, Panvel. The students also enjoyed the natural beauty throughout the way.


•IEEE organized a seminar for the students of our college to enlighten them about the food scarcity problems and global warming. The speaker for the session was Shri. Bhadsavle Sir who is an agri-entrepreneur and a rich writer under the domain of agriculture


•IEEE arranged a photography workshop in the presence of their Alumni Mr. Jeet Gandhi who himself is an established photographer. The workshop focused on introducing the students to the concepts and various terms related to snap shooting.


•This workshop mainly focused on making of 3 robots: Wired, Wireless and Autonomous (Line follower) robots. The main objectives of the workshop were- To give the students a basic idea about the robotics.


•This event was conducted In order to help the students of Third Year to enhance their technical knowledge for their further respective projects. After the workshop, the students became comfortable with designing code that adheres to timing constraints and understood the necessity of an Embedded OS.


•Introduction to the world of drones by Mr. Smit Shah – Director-partnerships, Drone Federation Of India. With an aim to enable drone flying in India through policy advocacy and partnership with Drone Federation Of India, Smit believes in technological advancements through young minds.

Moreover  IEEE had kept Panel discussion on ‘How to create a start-up’. India has witnessed a major start up revolution in the past decade; there has been a greater emphasis on pushing the youth towards creating innovative start-ups. The discussion aimed at igniting young minds to be Change makers of tomorrow.

IEEE also had mentorship programs where mentors like Dhaval Shroff, HiloniPunatar, Rahul Shetty, Ranveer Allahabadia, Rushabh Doshi, Samuel Ramrajkar, Siddhant Gangapurwala, and Viraj Sheth were present.

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Instagram: ieee_djscoe

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