Manufacturing is a comprehensive amalgamation of mechanical engineering, material sciences, economics and business management. That being said, it is one of the most sought after skills in 2021 at the advent of state supported manufacturing bloom.

Thus began the story of Indian Society of Manufacturing Engineers (ISME), a student chapter dedicated to advancing the knowledge on various manufacturing and management disciplines. ISME provides the means and methods for applying the knowledge theoretically and practically. It provides a channel of communication for allied societies and institutions in the country and abroad.

ISME has a countrywide network of members comprising industries, institutions and individuals under various categories. It has to its credit an eventful professional standing of around three decades. ISME also brings out its own in house publications with a view to disseminate technical information and maintain communication and rapport with its members.

DJ Nirmiti, is the only technical fest of the college. From exhibiting project ideas to flagship events that require usage of elemental basics of physics, there is something for everyone. There is a stellar audience coming in from different colleges. Even during the onset of the pandemic, ISME switched it up for E-Nirmiti and the entire fest was held online with a massive positive response.

Year after year ISME arranges talks with reputed panelists from all sectors of the manufacturing industries, with topics ranging from industrial automation brought by artificial intelligence to career development.

ISME also organizes workshops tying up with different entities to provide the best possible resources to brush up one’s technical skills.

Arguably, one of the most gratifying moments in the 4 years of engineering knowing that mere ideas can come to fruition!