Be your hope

To all those beautiful people who are going through a hard time and almost feel like giving up, maybe you need to get wind of this.

What is hope?

Hope is a motivation to persevere towards your goals even if you are dubious about the end results. Hope doesn’t mean engaging in wishful or fantastic thinking. Hope is the way of looking at the better side of the world while living in the present. Realism is also important while hoping. Realism is conceiving that problems are inevitable and you can’t stop them from coming, whereas hope is accepting that problems are temporary and you will come out of the enigma with a better version of yourself.

It’s pretty obvious to feel hopeful on good days, but what about gloomy days?

There may come cheerless days ahead, where you would touch your solitude, and that’s when you need hope the most. You have to be greater than your sufferings. Problems always seem to be colossal. But with the hope to tackle them, they turn out to be puny. Sullen days are the only reasons that make the inner you hopeless but remember- rainbow always shines after cloudbursts and butterflies could finally fly after metamorphosis. There will always come a point when you would feel too debilitated. You would want to give up because it’s not working even after all the struggles. But trust me, this is the only point when the real struggle starts, and that is worth counting. Hope is a powerful antidote to feelings of despair. When you hold on to hope, you start understanding the afflictions in a better way. It brings you a new perspective to help endure.

You keep searching for hope in the world outside, forgetting the fact that there rests an enchanting world inside. Hope doesn’t always lie on something or some person but within you. Be your hope! Make yourself tough to feel the rain and make your soul ready to feel the rainbow. Hope makes your soul alive. Let the spark inside you shine brighter than the fire around you. Believe in your conscience. Trust the wait. Miracles do happen. Remember that your conscience is the most potent thing in the universe. You might be losing battles now, but with the hope, you will never lose the war. The misery you have been feeling is incomparable to the ecstasy that would be coming. Know that- even the darkest tunnel has a bright ending. Keep walking.

Today, promise yourself that you won’t lose hope, no matter how forlorn your life turns out to be. Hold on, the pace of bliss is slow but worth welcoming!