What is ACM?

ACM was established in 1947 soon after the creation of ENIAC, the first stored-program digital computer, to “advance the science, development, construction, and application of the new machinery for computing, reasoning, and other handling of information.” Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi’s Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) is a student chapter that since its inception in 2007-08 has worked tirelessly towards delivering resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. DJSCOE-ACM helps students by connecting their curriculum to the industry to facilitate a structured path from education to employment and is the winner of the Best Student Chapter three times in a row.

ACM is a strong believer in the ‘learning by doing’ ideology and aims to give the next generation of engineers an opportunity to explore several domains. ACM goes beyond pure academics and strives to provide students with hands-on experience that would help them curate a successful career. DJSCOE-ACM organizes events such as Lines of Code (LOC), Internship Fair (IF) and several other workshops and seminars with alumni and members of the industry so as to provide students with direction and to supplement their curriculum by introducing developments at the cutting edge of technology, while promoting idea-sharing, and effective collaboration between the committee members and students alike.

Our Vision:

To impart high quality education, promote research culture and inculcate ethical values to develop/produce professionally competent engineers capable of meeting global challenges.

Events Held By DJSCOE-ACM:

ACM’s 101

ACM’s 101 are a series of seminars aiming to promote student alumni interaction allowing the current batches to learn from the experience of some of DJ’s most accomplished alumni. These are students that have truly excelled in their niche and are here to help the next batch of budding engineers confused by industry demands while they aspire to enter the domain. The seminars are free of cost for all students and are  engaging , interactive and robust , encompassing several  future prospects. For this semester DJ-ACM is organising two different  seminars for conventional and unconventional career choices available after an undergraduate degree. The event dates and speakers have been announced on ACM’s social media, and we look forward to having you there!

Code Bash (Term long Event):

Always wanted to start competitive programming but confused about how to go about it! Don’t worry, DJ ACM has got you covered. DJ ACM has partnered with CodeChef to bring to you the ultimate competitive programming platform which will help you kick-off your competitive programming journey. CodeChef is one of the world’s largest and most popular global competitive programming platforms preferred by students and professionals. CodeChef promotes constant learning and friendly programming competitions for its users, along with the support of its large community of problem curators. This semester DJ ACM provides you the opportunity to polish your programming skills by holding contests at least twice a month on CodeChef which will have a mix of CodeChef questions to test and build your problem-solving skills and logical reasoning. Not only this, the teams which perform consistently well and are amongst the top 3 teams will win exciting goodies and prizes. DJ ACM aims to help you crack interviews of various companies by promoting the competitive coding environment via the CodeChef platform.

Lines of Code:

Lines of Code is a 24-hour hackathon held by DJ ACM every year where several teams participate to generate high value, actionable business ideas and product concepts while promoting effective collaboration. The inaugural year of this event witnessed more than 200+ enthusiastic students participate in the event; spending the entire day and night collaborating with their team and coding their way through to implement a unique solution to tackle the given problem statement. But it’s so much more than just solving a problem statement. It tests and develops your teamwork, communication, coding skills, creativity, determination and perseverance to come up with a working model in such a short span of time. It also tests how well you motivate yourself, bring out the best in your teammates and deal with failure all in the short period of time. The concept of hackathons has become so popular that even well-reputed companies have started hiring employees and interns on the basis of their performance in such hackathons.During this event you will not just be solving problems alongside your team members but will also get a chance to meet new people and learn about their perspective towards solving the problems. The winners of LOC get several prices and vouchers but neither of those hold a candle to the satisfaction and experience of participating in such a colossal event.

Internship Fair:

Classroom environments may involve you with discussion, debate, peer interaction, and shared learning experiences, but it’s important to seek opportunities for you to apply and develop the academic concepts you’re learning in a professional setting as well. This is what ACM strives to provide by holding a flagship event known as Internship Fair. Each year ACM brings in more than 30 reputed companies to our college and gives the students an excellent opportunity to apply for extremely rewarding internships with these companies.Internships are a fantastic way to gain some hands-on work experience and get key insights on how the industry actually works. ACM’s Internship Fair provides students with the rare opportunity of landing a quality internship in the very nascent stages of their college lives. Details about the Internship Fair will soon be announced on ACM’s social media handles, so do be on the lookout!

DJ ACM aims to promote the growth of the Computer Society in our college by providing students with various resources and interactive events. To get in touch or know more about DJ ACM, reach out to us on:


Instagram: djsanghvi_acm