What is DJCSI? DJCSI represents the Computer Society of India at the college level and is affiliated with Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering. Established in 2013, DJCSI persistently puts effort to delve into the world of technology to explore, contribute and build advanced technology.

Our Objectives:

❖ To stimulate research, knowledge sharing, and learning in the field of Technology

❖ To ignite the passion for technology in aspiring engineers

❖ To bridge the gap between the industry and student academia by conducting various workshops, seminars, conferences and competitions

❖ To focus on organising career enhancement among IT professionals

❖ To capitalize on the abundant talent and ideas and give others a platform to showcase their perceptions

❖ To inspire, act and engage and truly believes in the precept, “To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible”

A little about our achievements-

❖ DJCSI was awarded the Best Student Chapter at Trinity back in 2014

❖ In 2017, DJCSI grabbed the award for Most Active CSI branch at the Annual Convention

❖ In 2019, DJCSI won the award for Best Accredited CSI student branch at the CSI Annual Convention

❖ Again in 2019, DJCSI bagged the Longest Continuous SBC (Student Branch Counsellor) at CSI’s Annual Convention

We publish annual magazines called Protocols!

To introduce the latest technologies, which can be a huge hassle, to millions, DJSCI publishes its annual magazine Protocol. Through this magazine, we aim to spread awareness about modern technologies in a simple way yet jampacked with knowledge. Moreover, the magazine comprises an immense range of topics associated with medical, business, and social causes. Over the past decade, Protocol has earned a huge reach because of its newest and extraordinary content. Protocol features a variety of advancements in the technical world, showcases roadmaps to career options sought after by millions, and gives you an opportunity to go through multiple award-winning projects undertaken by our professors and students.

DJCSI events in 2021!

DJCSI is widely known for its stupendous events. We organize various technical events for students across India to encourage learning and provide opportunities.

1. Git Workshop

For its first event of the year, DJCSI conducted a workshop on git and GitHub, a powerful tool and an important concept for young developers to understand. The workshop, conducted online on MS Teams on 15th January, enjoyed a healthy influx of 105 students keen to master Git and Github. The workshop was a highly informative and concise session for introducing students to the basics of Git, GitHub and version control. It was conducted by committee members and experienced developers who did an extraordinary job of explaining concepts in a studentfriendly and simple way, replete with relatable analogies. A meticulously planned event, it was executed smoothly and was a resounding success amongst all the participants.

2. CSI Weekend

In an attempt to break the monotony of the virtual semester, DJCSI conducted for the first time ever, a never seen before the event: CSI Weekend. The event was hosted online on discord over the course of two days, Saturday 6th February and Sunday 7th February. Planned with meticulous detail from start to finish, it is safe to say this venture was a resounding success. The event was envisioned to be a fun-fair like an extravaganza, with different booths from which participants could move to and fro as they pleased. This vision was brought to life despite it being virtual by using discord where different channels were set up for different activities. The participants logged off with the boatload of prizes and goodies they had won along with the memories of a weekend worth remembering.

More events coming soon!

1. Codeshastra 7.0

DJCSI is on its way to its 7th edition of CodeShastra. CodeShastra, the flagship event of DJCSI, is a 24-hour hackathon. It is a socio-technical inter-college for the programmers to unfold their technical skills and fetch golden opportunities. CodeShastra is one of the widely known hackathons in Mumbai. It was Mumbai’s first 24-hour hackathon and has gained a great amount of success since then. We believe that team coordination is indeed important in this ever-growing technical world. Hence, CodeShastra provides a platform to the students where they can work together on a collaborative project and enhance their skills while acquiring new skills.

2. Pitch Please

Pitch Please, a DJCSI initiative, is an incomparable event where you can pitch your ideas to improve society. Pitch please aims to develop and hone the entrepreneur mind of students and provide them with a platform to tackle realworld issues and work an approach on actual problem statements given by companies. It’s an event that helps forge a path for students who need a direction and a clear view to implement their ideas.

Visit our website to learn more about us and our coming events!