The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) is India’s leading recognised professional society devoted to the advancement of science and technology of Electronics, Telecommunication and IT. We, the students of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (EXTC) at D.J. Sanghvi are a student forum of IETE who are responsible for improving the standard of engineering education within our college.

Our vision

To transform engineering graduates into technically skilled Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers through professional training and skill development.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer a platform for budding engineers to develop their professional skills required to offer technological solutions to real world problems. Along with this we strive to create opportunities for engineering graduates to work as an individual and as a team leader while working on multidisciplinary engineering problems.

Our events

In order to achieve our mission and nurture the industry level skills amongst the students, we’re dedicated to organising compelling educational events. Here are some of the events we’ve organised in 2020!

Alumni Meet

We hosted an online webinar, inviting our extinguished alumni to inspire the students. The alumni who joined us were Mr. Keval Kamdar, Ms. Roma Jain, Mr. Anniruddh Shah, Ms. Pooja Jha, Mr. Sumit Ranka, Mr. Megh Doshi, Mr. Dishant Shah, Mr. Vedant Awasthi and Mr. Suyash Ail, each of which have excelled in their own domains. One of the objectives of the event was to spread awareness regarding the various skill sets required in the professional realm to pursue different fields like MBA, MS, Startups and jobs. They helped the attendees to gain a deeper insight into future education and career opportunities.

5G Webinar

IETE invited esteemed Dr. Sanjay Pawar, the Principal of Usha Mittal Institute of Technology, SNDT Women’s University on the 31st of July 2020 to discuss the various advancements in the field of 5G. Starting off from the history and basics Dr. Pawar taught the beginnings of wireless networks from a time not too long ago. From 1G to 4G, the students slowly learned about the various advancements this field of technology has had over the years and the various challenges they have faced during this evolution. Further describing the present need for 5G, Dr. Pawar showed the students the pillars and advantages the futuristic technology like 5G requires and helped attendees gain a deeper insight into the various job and business opportunities now available in this upcoming domain and how the students could go about pursuing them.

Business Intelligence Dashboarding Using Tableau

Tableau is now a versatile tool used by business industries all over the world and to learn it is a need of the hour for students. Presented by the esteemed Mr. Sagar Moharir, a senior data engineer at Quantiphi. Herein attendees learned the basic architecture of data Warehousing, practical use cases of Business Intelligence tools in various domains and how they differ from one another. They were further familiarised with the theory to compute real world data sets and the Tableau interface. Mr. Moharirs adept explanations helped the attendees understand this vast world of Tableau and how it can help them in nurturing a highly rewarding career opportunity in any business domain.

Project Management Webinar

The project management webinar, held on the 21st of February with the intent of instilling A to Z knowledge of management was a great success. Our esteemed guest speaker, Mr. Pramod Mirji elucidated expertly on all areas of projects one could possibly think of. From talking about the project’s feasibility and implementation to the possible pitfalls the project may have. This webinar was highly beneficial to the attendees and exposed them to different aspects of their own projects they weren’t aware of before. Lastly, the interactive Q&A session was highly advantageous to the students present.

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