Black and White

I was told to find in this world, all the things that I love
However, I was told to not mention “you”
so, I set off in search
till the limits of the known world
to accomplish this impossible task
amidst prairies, hillsides, and festive carnival throngs
soaking in earthly melodies of the timpani, all the way to the celestial songs
and on my way halfway across the galaxy,
whilst living and breathing this world’s awe-inspiring history
I have made, and a lot of them, if I dare say
The most startling of discoveries, learnt things that’d take anyone’s breath away
I’ve met mystics and enchanted beasts
traversed deadly forests, enjoyed lavish feasts
I’ve had flowers strewn across my path, sailed across the mightiest sea
Tasted the sweetest of berries, heard echoes of serendipity
Watched mythical beings and folklore come alive,
Witnessed entire civilizations thrive
I’ve participated in historic moments of greatness, commanded an entire fleet
Witnessing legendary milestones, I’ve had entire worlds laid at my feet
a sprinkle of the pioneering
a sliver of mysterya pinch of the trail-blazing
a dollop of fantasy
all served in a silver plate to me
flashes, sparks, and a brilliant white incandescence
all strewn across the universe, in a breath-taking coalescence
I’d have all of this and more, over and over again
Still, it’d mean nothing at all; only pangs of loneliness, emptiness, disdain
I’d let go of it ALL in a heartbeat, for whatever it’s worth
for I know none of it is the same, simply devoid of mirth
there’d be no meaning in anything I do,
I’d be living in a black & white world, if there’s no “you”

-Divyashree Vaidya