ISME’S NIRMIT-E 2020-2021

DISCE’S ISME as you all may know is a society for and of manufacturing engineer’s that focuses on highlighting and explaining what manufacturing industry consists and what processes does it follow. Every year ISME organizes a technical fest event known as ‘NIRMITI’ but due to the Covid-19 pandemic from last year onwards the event has been shifted to online mode and is appropriately named ‘NIRMIT-E’. This year NIRMIT-E was held from 25thof March to 30th of March. Covid situation threw challenges for Team NIRMIT-E but Team NIRMIT-E, converted it into an opportunity, designed Version 2 of NIRMIT-E and crossed geographical constraints to reach out to wider audience. We got an overwhelming response not only from our college but from different parts of Mumbai as well as the country. We realized that we now had a broader reach so here we are with session 2 of our online tech fest.

This year the highlight events of B-PLAN & CAD CHALLENGE were accompanied by 3 new events namely – TREASURE HUNT, BULL RUN, QUIZ. NIRMIT-E began with the announcement and start of registration on 18thof march.

B-PLAN brought the start of day people were waiting for 25th march and start of the events by B-PLAN round 1. The premise of B-PLAN was the participants were given a problem statement and were asked to grab the problem and build their business plan on the same. This year the theme was about the need of the minute AI&ML and INDUSTRY 4.0. The event boasted a panel of judges who werehead’s and co-founders of various companies bringing along with them their expertise in the sector of AI&ML.

CAD CHALLENGE followed after the start of B-PLAN, participants were given the choice of making a CAD model of any choice of theirs in relation to the topic of FLEXIBLE FURNITURE. The responses for the same were some amazing CAD models presented by the participants which were then judged to be awarded with the prizes. As the event name suggests the event was made so that students can put their technical skills and transform their ideas in cad models.

BULL RUN was the new event that was suggested this year due to its increased popularity and trend. It was based on the classic game that the stock market is. The surprise was the amount of participants that turned up for the event making it so competitive in the first place.

QUIZ was conducted for the participants that wanted to put their general knowledge to test. The criteria were the person who finishes first and gets the highest points wins. It was conducted on google forms and the platform was easily available to anyone who owns a smartphone.

TREASURE HUNT was held virtually through Google forms. It has 2 Rounds. Each participant had to solve all the clues to proceed further. As the name suggest, this event is simply to solve clues in an adventurous way. TREASURE HUNT boasted its participant numbers with 70 plus participants actively participating throughout and maximum of them were able to complete it in the given time. The judgment criteria for TREASURE HUNT were same as that of quiz the person with least time taken and most correct answers wins.

Overall the event was a huge success, the participants were awarded with certificates and the winners were awarded with certificates and cash prizes along with some goodies and coupons, all thanks to the plethora of sponsors we are grateful our marketing team could bring in. More details about the event are present on our Instagram page if interested please make a visit.

– Dheer Panchal (ISME Co Committee& POC)