Microfiction Winners

Ink It! A 24 hour write-a-thon was one of the many mini events held at DJ Lit’s Lit Mela on the 17th-18th of April. Participants had to choose one of the three prompts provided and submit their literary masterpieces in 24 hours or less. Here are our Micro-fiction prompt winners and honorable mentions!

Prompt: Write a horror story in 5 sentences or less. (Word Limit: 75 words)

I woke up at 2:30 am last night. A woman was thumping my window, crying for help. I opened the window and saw my husband with her. She took a knife and stabbed my husband three times. I woke up flabbergasted, my husband cuddled me like every other day. Thank God it was a dream. I ran towards the window, opened it and saw the blood on the notch.

-Vaidehi Kanathe

January. February. March. March. April.

-Rohan Poojari

Honorable Mention:

The telephone rings in the middle of the night, and I wake up pondering, should I pick up? Every  footstep I take echoes the screams of dead movie characters pulling me back towards my bed. The  rings purge the silence as I make the most novice mistake. I reach out and pick up the receiver. A  distorted voice snickers, “This bed feels despairingly lonely without you. I’m disappointed you picked  up the phone, aren’t you?”

-Nidhi Sura

“I heard some knock knock jokes today. Let’s try some, Ayesha,” he said.  Knock knock


Some words remain a question forever.

-Amisha Mohan