The Missing Letter

It’s a man missing case, it’s been three days,
The victim’s disappeared and we have no trace.

We saw him everywhere; a VIP was he.
The last child of the great Vowel family.

He lived alone. He was a real treat.
The 21st resident in Alphabet Street

No friends or family except a lover: Miss Q
Followed her everywhere, the dictionary knew

His name is in the periodic table, he’s no. 92,
Radioactive personality, he can explode too.

He was a great actor, a real Romeo,
Him missing means it’s only “I Love Yo_”

We have a few leads, a few wannabes,
Mr. C is one, tilt him 90 degrees

His neighbor V hated him and called him fat
W claimed his name was worth twice him in fact

I searched this whole poem; still missing. Oh Lord!
Please call me with any info and claim the reward

-George Santhosh