Winners of Ink It! A 24-hour Write-a-thon

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✒️ Prompt 1: Fiction
You are in a typical awkward elevator ride with a group of other people, suddenly a man says “so I bet you are wondering why I’ve gathered you here” before hitting the emergency stop button.

  1. “No Way in Hell” by Nidhi Sura

“No doubt, Sherlock!” A girl screamed at him. “Do you want to kill us?” “Something like that,” he smirked, and the lift shot downwards.

2. “The Confessions by Elizabeth Hasan

“Noooo,” the strange man drawled, “you don’t have to ‘fess up every lie you have said. Just the ones that have affected you and your surroundings enough to direct a change in the course of your life.”

✒️ Prompt 2: Micro Fiction
Write a horror story in 5 sentences or less. Click the link above to read the winning entries.

✒️ Prompt 3: Poetry
Write a poem on any topic of your choice. The only rule is:
The letter ‘u’ must be used no more than 3 times!

  1. “The Fifth Vowel” by Adya Ghoshal

Write a poem they said,
Avoiding the fifth vowel,
Three places, that’s all it got,
Poor letter standing on the sideline, Wondered whatever went wrong?

2. “The Missing Letter” by George Santhosh

It’s a man missing case, it’s been three days,
The victim’s disappeared and we have no trace.                                               We saw him everywhere; a VIP was he.
The last child of the great Vowel family.

3. “Black and white” by Divyashree Vaidya

I was told to find in this world, all the things that I love
However, I was told to not mention “you”
so, I set off in search
till the limits of the known world
to accomplish this impossible task