A Dead Life

What’s more dreadful than death? ┬áMy answer is the doctor’s dreadful face. Dealing with deaths, just like putting salt in chocolate, medical staff have witnessed way more sufferings in this pandemic. I believe the near and dear ones outside the ICU are in more pain than the patient. They are eager to hear one positive response of the consultant doctor to get the hope to spend hours waiting for the patient’s recovery, that is ‘A dead life’.

The medical staff need to deal with the patient as well as their families to give them a ray of sunshine in their dark times. Medical professionals understand the human desires and notions to live more. They have seen unforeseen circumstances where the patient shows no will to live, that is ‘A dead life’.

In the doctor-patient relationship, there is a modality of psychotherapy, where the treatment is based on that relationship, in which the medical staff and the patient work together to enhance health conditions. Hospitals are considered as a place where people get another opportunity to live their lives. The hospital staff members try their fullest to foster a culture of friendliness ambience although they themselves are going through sorrow, that is ‘A dead life’.

We all belong to the world of science but devotion gives us strength & hope to live on. Everyone believes ‘Life is inevitable’ but few digest the fact ‘Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of life. Thinking about life after death while harnessing a beautiful life in the present, that is ‘a dead life’.

– Abhijay Rane