Bards of Verse-Pur: A Report

Bards of VersePur was an online poetry reading session held by DJ Lit on the 21st of February, 2021. Due to the quarantine, the event was held on Discord for the participants, and the audience could live-stream the event on YouTube.

We got more than a hundred viewers on YouTube, a sizeable turnout for a lazy Sunday evening. It lasted from 5pm to 8 pm, with three phases. The session was interspersed with fillers, which were little games and quizzes that could be answered by the audience via the comments section. The best comments won giveaways and prizes. There were audience polls after every hour for best poem, also accompanied by giveaways.

The event was hosted by three of our committee members, namely Shikha Punjabi, Yash Dange and Samarth Oza. Shikha and Yash are part of our publicity team, while Samarth is from the editorial team. They kept the participants and audience entertained, and made sure that there weren’t any gaps in the evening.

There were about thirty poets, some from our college, and some from as far as Guwahati. Language was no bar, so we had some poems in Hindi, as well as the usual turnout in English. We had a few representatives from DJ Aura, our college’s dramatics club, as well as from our own committee.

There were poems that made you want to fight, and poems that lulled you like a gently swaying breeze, and poems that made you feel the love, and some that made you snicker.

The poets were cheered on their friends and fans who were reciting in the comments of the YouTube live, and there were a lot of people who made it sunshine-y for our nervous performers.

The fillers comprised two parts, a short quiz, and a Complete the Dialogue. The idea behind the Complete the Dialogue was that the audience had to find refreshing and quirky ways to complete a dialogue, and the best one was chosen and the person was awarded a prize. The quiz questions were read out by the hosts, and whoever got the maximum answers correct, won a giveaway. These prizes were the cherry on top of an evening replete with poems of love, laughter and tears.

This event was sponsored by UnMasked, SolidKnits, and BrewHouse Iced Tea. The giveaways were goodies given by these companies.

All too soon, the evening ended, and the hosts were wrapping up the event. There were goodbyes all through the comments, and the hosts and participants signed off. Everyone had a marvellously fun time.