DJS Robocon

Team DJS Robocon, the official Robotics team of Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering is highly dedicated towards competing at DD Roboconand ABURoboconcompetitions. Their thinktank includes innovative members from wide variety of engineering fields who have a concrete vision for approach and execution. The team consists of five departments- Coding, Mechanical, Marketing, Electronics and Simulations that work in a collaboration on the given problem statement.

The team designs autonomous or manual robots depending on the problem statementwherein these bots have a flair for execution of the given tasks. The team focuses on the technical performance of the robot through prototyping and testing.

Advancement in technology through a thorough understanding and to have a creative outlook towards the world is their prime motive. A team of young, creative and hardworking individuals who foster technological ideas embarks upon this journey every year with new insights and motivation.

They intend to outshine at the ABU Robocon every year through massive hard work and to leave a significant impact on the world of robotics.

The Competitions:

DD Robocon:

It is the national level competition for ABU Robocon. Doordarshan, the national public service broadcaster organizes and broadcasts DDRobocon competition annually and the winning team gets an opportunity to represent India at the international competition. The teams have to go through three stage of filtering to get to the last stage of the competition. The stages involve: A documentation round, a video of proof round, and a finale round.

ABU Robocon:

ABU Robocon is an Asian-Oceanian college robot competition, founded in 2002 by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union. Multiple teams come together under the banner of the competition to test their custom-made robots to complete certain sets of given tasks under a time limit. Several countries from the Asian region of the world compete with each other at ABU Robocon.

The competition has been hosted by various countries such as Tokyo, China, India, Egypt and much more. The tasks provided as problem statements are related to some form of cultural activity well recognized in the host country, this helps in diversifying each problem statement from the year prior.

Our Achievements:

In 2018, DJS Robocon secured AIR 4 in best shuttle cock design and AIR 4 in Stage three of DDRobocon. The team also acquired AIR 4 in Micromouse competition.

In 2019, the team qualified for the final stage and achieved AIR 24 in stage 3 of DDRobocon.

In 2020 and 2021, they secured AIR 1 with a perfect score of 100/100 in stage 1 of DDRobocon.

Even in the challenging circumstances of the pandemic, the work from home concept has been very well followed by this team to keep the productivity and the wagon of #ExecutingInnovation alive.

DJS Robocon 2020-21