What comes before next?

We, the students at DJSCE were enlightened by Zaid Merchant on very interesting and most frequently asked topics of all the time. What comes before next? A quest to find all the answers to what to do in life, should I consider making my passion as my career or what is it that I can commit to for the rest of my life, Masters/MBA/Placements or anything that makes you ponder about future ahead. The seminar focussed on inciting the approach to formulate their own ways to decide upon the right career option or achieve their goals rather than a direct road map. It inculcated the idea to think and decide for oneself rather than going with the herd.

About the speaker:
Zaid Merchant is a successful product manager at MNC, “I was fortunate enough to find what I liked and I love my job,” he mentioned. Former 2018 batch student at DJ Sanghvi, was the first non-IT chairperson of DJCSI and was the lead organizer of the first TEDx at DJSCE. After getting rejected by multiple companies, this ambitious man didn’t leave hopes but instead prepared himself for something that he thought would excel at. He scored 99.8 percentile in CAT and successfully opted for MBA.

On being asked if he envisioned being a Product Manager, he replied that he knew he was interested in IT but he wanted to be someone who created an impact on 100 other lives and he wanted to make use of his tech as well as non-tech abilities like communication, managerial and leadership skills.

“My job as a Product Manager defines me,” he says.

What are the steps involved in making the right decision for your career?
The seminar made it clear that the initial stages involve defining your goals, finding your area of interest, and see if it is a viable career option or not. Money is definitely essential but is a secondary aspect to be considered and it comparatively holds a lesser value in the long term. Zaid strongly pointed out and criticised the impact of peer pressure on this major career decision. He suggested that one should not be afraid to go the extra mile to find out what goes around for oneself rather than pursuing Master’s in something because everyone else is.

What is your take on youngsters who switch their jobs after few years of hardships in that particular field?

He boldly put forth that youngsters are young and mature, full of spark and hold the gist to experiment with life; explore different domains according to the current trends and advancements in technology. He also laid special emphasis on timing it right and having an open mind while beginning with anything new. The seminar further built upon the idea of not underestimating one’s self-worth or the career option that you’ve been engaged in. Never be afraid to reach out to relevant people on LinkedIn and ask for help, it doesn’t make you small instead it makes you better learners.

He further heard all the doubts and guided the fellow students at DJ Sanghvi with whatever they wanted to do in their lives by answering some key questions.

Are paid internships worth doing?
Internships are a great way of learning and putting one’s skills to use in a way that not only gives you experience but also is beneficial to the industry. It gives you a fair exposure to industry-relevant skills and notable contributions that actually make an impact.

Is work experience an essential factor for applying to MBA colleges?
While this question is subjective as to the university one is applying to but for most of the top institutes, yes work experience is very essential for pursuing an MBA degree; especially abroad.

What is the ideal time to apply for CAT?
There is no ideal time as such but on the basis of current day scenarios, students prefer preparing for CAT in TE and opt for the examinations in the final year.

“Go for it if it matters to you, it’s obviously better than regretting”,  by saying this; Zaid took a leave from us, bringing us all a step closer to the life and career that awaits us.