Story to tell

Hey! I understand you are having a tight time, but darling, if it is the world, then problems will dwell.

But learn that life and the problems are just like the opposite poles of magnet that do not repel.

If only it were a fable of fairies, unicorns, and rainbows that you read in that juvenile novel,

Where you can paint your destiny with a brush plunged in stardust or draw with a pastel.

But, you realize, right? That life is not at all easy because life is a ravel.

Think of the times you were tumbled down, and know that the times you fell

Are nothing but the only sources that will help you grow stronger and impel

Don’t you know the hindrances you are facing are only meant to quell?

Oh, dear, let me explain, you are stuck in an infinite shell,

Where there’s no escape, and life and its complications run parallel.

So hang in there because they aren’t going to dispel.

There is something in the making like a spell,

Thus don’t give up right now but excel.

Stand tough, be ready for a rebel,

And remember – you are glowing gravel.

Moreover, in the coming times,

These hardships will surely

Turn into a

Story to