An ode to my love

You’re a miracle on this earth,
You’re not an earthly being;
Now that i have known your worth,
On my mind you have reigned;

Just by looking in your eyes,
I saw everything i need;
I ain’t telling you no lies,
You’re the best one indeed!

Oh love! how i want,
Your presence here with me;
Just like the deaf and the blind,
Would want to hear and see.

Just listening to the birds,
Sitting under a tree;
And feeling the breeze,
While staring into the sea.

Now this is how i want,
My time on Earth to be,
Oh darling just believe me,
You’re the best one indeed

When I saw you that day, drenched in the rain, Standing there, in the middle of the lane;
My heart couldn’t help, it had to implode, Looking at a face, that was all up glowed;
Listen carefully, I won’t repeat it again, Missing you stirs up some pretty pain;
So while reminiscing you, I wrote this ode,
And like river through mountains, have these words flowed;

When I’m with you, I feel it in my vein,
I’ve got nothing to lose, but just to gain;
And time flies with you, that’s something you have showed, So let’s start the journey, and let’s get aboard;

Now all my efforts, just go in vain,
When it’s your love, that I try to attain;
Because it has never stopped, and has always growed, Like on a stormy christmas night, when it had snowed;

Day, night and the universe go mundane,
and i can’t help, but complain;
when it was your absence, that i had knowed;
there were a million feelings, that i had to hoard;

How did we get so close, I still cannot comprehend,
Well it doesn’t matter now, cuz I’ve got you as my friend;
Was it all in the destiny, or someone became our guide, I hope this stays forever, and I get to make you my bride;

When i look into your eyes, all worldly pleasures transcend, And all of a sudden, I feel that it’s my soul that has been mend;
There’s nothing hidden from you, within you all my secrets confide, And it’s like our bodies are connected, cuz all our thoughts coincide;

With you I feel like home, there’s no need to play "pretend", For you my feelings are pure, nothing wrong i could ever intend;
Your lustre is unparalleled, which i can’t attain if i tried,
Your purity is so unfeigned, just like an angel that has sighed;

My time, my heart, my mind, my life; all I want to lend,
My feelings, my messages, my love, my blessings; all I would like to send;
I hope our coming days sail like a ship on a smooth tide, All our wishes come true, and our dreams take a graceful glide;

Oh babe for you I can do anything, and all my time I can spend, But like all beautiful things, even this should come to an end;
There’s nothing else I would wish, but just you by my side, Let’s not think too much and just hop into this rollercoaster ride.

-Parv Khandelwal