Dear Mind

these storminG thoUghts
birth fIery plight,
please be caLm,
leT them subside.

the ceaseless sPirAl,
tIghtens the kNot,
stop the flow,
and prevent drought.

in oblivion’S shAdow,
lay hiDden demoNs,
devouring those flamEs,
tempering cruel illuSionS.

slice tHeir throAts,
bury Their wRath,
with resurrEctive aiD,
they will counterattack.

So, dear mind,
heed my breaTh,
and bREak the chain
with conScious Strength.

Feel the scorch,
embrace those dEmons,
chAnge your peRspective,
and reflect often.

recognizE their transieNce,
don’t be afraid,
eVen the mightiest,
will eventuallY fade.

Herin Savla