It was eons from now,
When humanity lost its cause,
That they decided to surface,
When the earth forgot its laws.

Humans vanquished with smug ease,
The aliens ruled the skies,
This is the time to fight back,
Our heroes now decide.

The general of the make-shift army,
Shook his majestic mane,
Ordered his flight team of hawks,
To bombard the enemy lanes.

The fight against the aliens,
Was long and difficult to ride,
But our heroes did not give up,
They had strong elephants on their side.

The chameleons carried out,
The spy missions with ease,
The scorpions and the snakes,
Were assassins you didn’t want to displease.

The remaining humans wondered,
At this amazing sight,
The animals which they once petted,
Now revolted for their rights.

The animal army baffled,
The aliens reigning over,
They came to conquer humans,
But forgot the animals who loved their mother.

It was eons from now,
When the humanity lost its cause,
But the animals were still there,
They’d snatch back earth with their paws.

Because where there is life,
There is love and care,
And even if humans forgot about it,
The nature would never dare!

-Prachita Punde