Every Action has a Reaction

I have been developing continually for millions of years, which has only felt like days to me. I have seen everything go from nothing to everything. Many things have transformed from darkness to light, and there have been times when I didn’t think I’d make it through. There are some species that I no longer live, despite the fact that they have been with me for a long time. I have seen civilizations being wiped away for thousands of years. Some of which are now submerged under the oceans or sands.

Things have becoming increasingly difficult for me recently. Pollution has taken a toll on me. Humans who believe me to be their home have been taking away what I have worked hard to cultivate for a long time. It is terribly upsetting that, so few people appear to care about what’s going on with me. The rest appear to be oblivious. My ocean and sea levels have risen by 120 metres in the last 20,000 years. Pollution has increased considerably. 91% of the world population is exposed to unhealthy levels of pollution. Humans think I don’t keep track of what’s changing around me. I am pretty good at math. The amount of garbage in the oceans has increased to an extent that the sea creatures cannot survive in their own habitat. The humans’ advancements and innovations make it harder for me survive.

Apart from my oceans, my mountains and glaciers are also in danger. Melting the ice caps and glaciers have caused a rise in sea levels. Certain portions of the world’s population rely indirectly on mountain resources for drinking water, agriculture, biodiversity, and hydroelectricity, which could be lost because of global warming – a perfect term coined by the humans. The trees on not only mountains but many portions of my land also, have been stripped off to build concrete structures for humans who call it their home. Don’t they realize my trees give them oxygen to survive?

Humans at the back of their mind know that all my resources are not infinite. They are depleting. Yet they waste so much water and all my natural resources will soon be gone. The numerous changes that I am experiencing now can go for the worse if it’s not taken care of soon. I want to remain habitable for the humans, but it is not up to me. What I need is the right understanding and attention from every human being, I could possibly survive.

There will be consequences if mankind does not awaken from their oblivion soon. I’d like to believe that I still have hope, and that humanity will eventually recognise the need to reflect on their acts. They must become more aware of what they offer to the world. Plastics, for example, are a constant cause of concern for me. These are the things that continue to pollute my environment. My ozone layer has been depleting for a few years now. This has only affected the air that the humans breathe.

Throughout my existence, I have witnessed a variety of phenomena. Some are created by humans, while others occur naturally. I’ve seen asteroids and meteors demolish large portions of myself while humanity was still far off the Earth’s chronology. I was saddened by the extinction of many species. What I want to experience as long as I’m here, with the humans who inhabit me, is for them to show a little more care, a little more understanding so that I can provide them with the things they require to live peacefully.