Grim Reality of WW1

When pain, anguish and hatred were prevalent in humanity
Nothing else could save, except an identity of nationality.
Lives of millions were at stake.
But the harshness of tyrants had no brake.
Guns and grenades were fired, treaties signed and alliances made.
Brainwashing beliefs took a pace & trust in truth began to fade.
Ruthless rivalry between a few,
was suffered by many who had no clue.
Loss at the borders denied civilians of food and cloth,
Many sank in the ocean; others were left on land to rot.
With the Paris peace conference and Treaty of Versailles came an end,
to the horrific World War1,which made the shameful heads of humanity to bend
After the war rose a new structure of civilization,
as technological advancement brought the concept of globalization.
Exposed to their mortality many became wise and conscious,
Yet a few with revanchist motives bred thoughts which were rebellious.
Instigated by this began the terrible World War 2,
To carry out the atrocities  which were left due.
Learning from this regretful past, may every human being become inclusive,
Value every life on this beautiful planet & keep intentions which are productive.

~ Somil Shah