Mary’s Birthday

I’ve turned 13 today! I’m a teenager, now! , Mary squealed with anticipation and delight. “Get ready honey, we’re late!”

“Why do we always have to go over to cousin Chris’s to celebrate? I don’t like sharing my birthday!”

“Because we are family honey! Isn’t it fun to party with everyone? Don’t you think more the merrier?”

“No, I don’t like cousin Chris”, Mary groaned. But she didn’t have any other choice, did she?

She should’ve mustered up the courage to speak up. But how? Everything seemed to baffle her.

Ignoring her perplexing trail of thoughts, she gift-wrapped her present for Chris and headed out.

“So what did you get for your cousin Chris”, asked Cynthia – Chris’s Mom.

“I won’t say”, Mary said sternly. Cynthia was taken aback by her sternness.

“Oh, the rebellious teenager attitude already? I thought I taught you manners!”

“Pardon her, aunt; it’s okay! Let’s cut the cake!”, Chris exclaimed.

But Mary ignored Chris and started unboxing the gift box.

“The days when you took me alone to play…”

She spoke as she continued opening the present.

“When you made me play that game…

“The game that hurt my body…

The box was flung open.

She grabbed the knife.

She pierced him.

Everyone gasped.