Positive thinking…?

So… I’m into reading non-fictional self-help kinds of books. So while I read like
quiet a few books, I came across a certain term or a line that was I feel
explained differently, but the pulp of what they were trying to explain to us was
the same.
So in this blog I’m going to let out my opinions on those and also I’m gonna
explain what I understood from it.
So the term or the line is, ‘Think positively, and it will happen’.
I totally agree with thinking positively, because why should anyone ruin their
wonderful life by thinking negative stuff. Just focus on your CANS and your
CANNOTS will start to disappear. I genuinely believe in that, I actually practice
it daily.
But what I feel is thinking positively will not just make the negative things
coming your way to vanish. It will just give you enough strength and patience to
go through it and make the best out of it, because we have honed our skill to
take the easy way out. But sometimes those negative things aren’t negative, they
are just opportunities hidden under layers of hardship. It’s not like you won’t
ever experience any sort of problems or bad things after you start the practice of
‘Thinking Positively’, you will experience it like everyone else but just the
difference is that now you are not choosing it to not affect you because you are
too busy thinking positively and are in a positive state of mind. Once your brain
starts to take everything in a good way ie. now you have a better understanding
about what you have came forth with and you know how to deal with it and
what steps you need to take to overcome it without have any sort of reaction to
it first ie. anger or sadness.
If you start practicing this then there’s nothing negative left for you. You have
all the positivity in this world wrapped inside you and you are ready to face
anything that comes your way.