Rains Of Hope

The nation had been struck with the second Covid wave and the people were flabbergasted by the overall deadly experience of the rising cases at a rapid rate and loss of their loved ones. The restless family members running down the aisle hastily in the several hospital wings trying their best to save the people closest to their hearts was downright miserable. Some of the patients bravely saved by the selfless efforts of doctors and the nursing staff and the grace of the almighty but unfortunately many of the covid patients faced misery to the hands of unavailability of oxygen cylinders. Cases were increasing, numerous lockdowns imposed, masks made compulsory for everyone to wear, fines were collected from those who didn’t, the police force serving 24/7, some of them fulfilling their duties helping others cope with the circumstances, some of them taking advantage of the situation of the helpless common man in order to benefit their livelihood. Amidst all this cacophonical drama, to add fuel to fire a new devil came into existence, haunted every human trying to recover from the infamous Corona Virus Disease and was called as the dangerous Black Fungus and its sidekick named to be the White Fungus. Other series of fungi emerged eventually such as the green fungus, yellow fungus etc. threatening everyone significantly. Who would have thought that such vibrant range of lifeless fungi would have the ability to make our lives colourless. If Covid took away the soul from the body, fungus took away the body from the soul. Patients’ faces were literally affected drastically by the new disease with the everlasting danger of the fungus attacking the brain which would eventually happen leading to either coma or the most unlikeable incident of
anybody’s life- death. Government was however trying their best to control the situation but eventually it went out of hand resulting in loss of people’s lives due to rather incompetent and corrupt system of our nation. Even though the poor was not facilitated in the manner deserved we as so called responsible citizens should not put the blame completely on the system. We should know that everybody had the knowledge of the past as well as present and surely knew that if we permit ourselves to loosen the grip of the issue, we will face the deadly repercussions.

In the starting months of the hopeful new year, every single person took the disease which caused an unprecedented global pandemic for granted. The second wave crudely continued its havoc as the hope of citizens crushed into pieces. The catastrophe derailed the middle and lower middle class financially, mentally, physically and emotionally. Numerous NGO’s, various Student led committees and other nonprofit organizations came forward raising funds for families in need. Fundraiser activities were launched frequently by different groups on almost all
the social media platforms. Many lives were saved by the heroic gesture supported by the unity, and humanity proved its existence at such critical times. Indian citizens showed great character and resilience. They were brave and strong despite experiencing something one may not even dream of. Their patience was tested. Their tolerance was tested. Their strength to face and battle inhumanity was tested. Many questions rose demanding justice to the victims of uncultured
privatization, debates sprung all around the nation asking whom to blame and how to suffice. But no conclusion was drawn and the common man kept suffering like he did in feudal times. Things were pretty bad since our already affected economy again received blows by the stagnant phase of various sectors. The petrol price touched three-digit figures once more and states of India were butchered by a blanket of depression. The lower middle class struggled to pay the school fees of their children after whatever remained in their pockets after buying unaffordable electronic gadgets for the sake of online education. Surely nobody knew when in this world this traumatic phase was going to end. But somewhere deep down in their sane minds, people believed the simple explanation of CIRCLE OF LIFE given by Lord Krishna himself in Mahabharat. Slowly and steadily the count of new COVID cases being registered throughout the nation per day decreased. After a marathon of troubling and shocking episodes in the first week of June the above-mentioned count went below 100,000. The peril which started at the start of summer in the second fortnight of the march month, haunted us in April and sinisterly seized us in the Month of May was brought down as the land of diversity was touched or may I say, metaphorically healed by the drops coming from heaven.

The soothing monsoon diminished the torture inaugurated by the intolerable heat of summer. The then imposed strict lockdown in the sensitive states of India was given certain relaxations. People somehow started experiencing the beauty of our nature which with all of its essence tried its best to take all the sorrow away from the covid-stricken man. The cases kept on decreasing, lives went on to be saved, the nation working at the best efficiency as it could to vaccinate the population. Even though things were stabilizing, many professionals kept warning people about the enormous third wave of this deleterious disease. So even though the battle was over, the war wasn’t. But for now, people could take some break from the menacing, disturbing and disquieting of a drama which I believe would go down in History of mankind.

To be honest, every single person deserved some rest from this tiresome spell of many days. The nature kept blessing the beautiful motherland with pure showers calming the downtrodden, giving them hope and strength to cope with all the unfortunate happenings. Even though the situation as of now has not been exclusively solved and taken care of, I am determined that India has the power and belief and character to pull itself out of this sort of holocaustic disaster. This nation has gone through a lot of magnanimous events and rather than failing because of something, it has been successful and marvelous in spite of everything which came in our way as an obstacle. And such type of a bold and daring attitude is going to help us emerge out as brave survivors of this uncalled global pandemic. And I believe one day when we grow up, we all will tell stories to our children regarding the few starting years of 2020. Some may criticize, some may tell tales of human valour, some may get emotional about their past experiences, some may get goosebumps after remembering how they managed everything at that point of time, but in the end, everyone would be at peace and smile along with their loved ones and repeat in their mind that God is Great. All of this will happen and then the ominous COVID-19 global pandemic would be nothing but just a closed chapter of our “those days” which might be just taught in schools and colleges to children who may not even be born yet and won’t be experienced by any living being on this planet ever again.