The Last Hug

And finally, after a year or so away, she returned to college with the same spark in her eyes and the same fire in her soul. But perhaps this time she entered with a different mind-set and many things running through her mind. As usual, she followed her planned schedule and headed towards her college gate. She wondering and overthinking about lots of things suddenly noticed someone standing a meter away from her just opposite to her.

Maybe just after seeing him, her eyes grew icy, and her mind replayed all the incidents that had happened before. Suddenly this bold and confident girl turned into a restless and broken soul. The time froze for her, and the wind hit her face as if the universe wanted her to go insane. The whole thing happened in a fraction of a second, and before she could catch her breath she heard him ask, “Hey, how are you?” The words reminded her of the very first time she talked to him.

In a daze, entangled with herself; her minds boggling and struggling to distinguish between reality and fantasy, he suddenly asked her, “Hey do you even remember me?!!!!” When she was completely caught up in herself, this line of his suddenly brought her back to the present and she whispered, in a super-soft voice, “Maybe I never forgot you!”, till the moment the boy could react. She suddenly regained her best look and brought herself back to the confident and stable appearance. Looking at him with an inviting smile said, “Hey I’m good, tell me how you’re doing?” And here the two started their conversation!

He finally grew weary of pretending and having a stupid formal conversation exclaimed in a shill voice “Did u eat something? I am sure u didn’t!!”The girl with her eyes all down staring at the ground said, “I did not but, does that even matter to you now?” The boy suddenly changed the subject and exclaimed in an excited tone,“If you have 5 minutes let’s walk up to the new ice cream parlour that has just opened yesterday, I heard it has got some unique chocolate flavoured ice creams I hope you won’t like to miss that either!” The girl was about to say no and cancel the plan but before she could say something the boy interrupted and said, “I guess you always wished to do it right, I hope you won’t say no now.” And the girl in a soft tone said “Okay let’s be back in 5 minutes.” This short 2-minute walk turned out to be a long one yet. No words were exchanged during the two-minute walk…it was just the wind blowing and the two people who had thousands of questions to ask but chose to keep their mouths shut After a minute he returned with the ice cream cones, he sat next to her and he finally breaking the awkward silence asked her in a deep voice, “DO YOU STILL LOVE ME”?

The girl finally, in the end, broke her silence by asking, “Did that just happen to be a misunderstanding on my part?” Has it just been only me who invested my emotions? All the care you showed was that just out of concern that’s it! Was it just me, and there was nothing from your side? Despite the fact that he had ignited a fire that was burning her from the inside out, the boy understood much worse was to come

Considering the situation and the setting, the boy chose silence as an answer to all the questions she threw at him. Suddenly, the girl broke down in tears. Possibly, the tears did not happen for the first time, but the reason for the tears came along right beside her this time. Finally, the boy said, “hey I never intended to break your heart… it might just have been destiny that ruined everything, but we still have time, let’s just start over from the beginning”. It was perhaps a good moment to expel the entirety of her mind and her mind filled with memories as she started recalling it all. She murmured in a low voice, “do you remember the moment we met? Two strangers with nothing in common came so close to each other!”. Her memory just flashed back to how things went. While they all started with a notification, the first conversation was what made them different. “The late-night conversation”. The two most mysterious people just opened up so soon and within no time established a bond people take months to do…. Possibly, this was the difference that made all of it so special.

It was the beauty of this time that things were never planned and someone rightly said, “Unplanned moments give you the best experiences!” Things went so smoothly just like a dream; everything was just as they desired. The text turning into a daily chat and the chat into a call was fine to an extent, but the calls transformed into long discussions that engaged them in each other was the best part of it, but like all other dreams, this dream too got its morning!

You can never deny yourself the thing you longed for in the past and if it is in front of you; then you always tend to choose it. And especially when it is a person. That is human nature! However, sometimes we can become emotionally attached without knowing it. Often, it happens unknowingly, and when it’s only one-sided, it’s the worst. And ours was a perfect example for it, wasn’t it?” In an Interruptive tone, the girl asked. Standing speechless, the boy finally said, “You were, you are, and you will always be special to me. I have no more words for now.” After hearing this, the girl at the counter replied, “Loving you was never something I planned, it just happened. You spoke to me the first time I felt as if someone had broken; and open my insides and let some part of me out. It whispered your name as if it had been waiting to hear your voice since before time began. Maybe the harsh truth is that you never felt the same, my bad but it’s fine though!”

Continuing with her part of the conversation, she stated, “Choosing someone over me didn’t hurt me, but losing someone I chose overall was what broke me. I know I was an overthinker, but for a moment I was thankful for it.”

As he listened to the girl’s side of the story, the boy felt the emotions that were all flowing out of her eyes and brimming with tears, and before the girl could have said something the boy just hugged the girl will all emotions. The hug was like a warm blanket wrapped around someone shaking and wet in cold. Maybe this is what they’ve been longing for! When the girl reciprocated, she hugged the boy more tightly, as if they were magnets of opposite poles attracted to each other. Maybe this was the longest and tightest hug of all time. And just a moment before leaving, the girl whispered, “MAYBE YOU NEVER LOVED ME!” YOU JUST LOVED THE WAY I LOVED YOU”

The girl took a last look at him and wiped her tears before leaving the venue and just left without saying a final bye. Maybe because she never wanted to say one!


Author: Khushi Santosh Gupta