The Stranger

I jumped for the stars one splendid day
I found myself floating in outer space
Surrounded by a land of aliens so foreign
They all looked at me with doubt and disdain

The aliens grew warm and kind with time
They shared with me their food and wine
And as I stared into the looking glass again
I saw myself, a spitting image of them

Many moons passed and I forgot what I used to be
The frigid cold slowly felt warm to me
A life that I had once left behind
Was now a fraction of a memory at the back of my mind

And then the time came for me to part again
Journey back across the sky to where it all began
The stars were sweet to the taste
But time had let me get carried away

I was embraced by my land as I stepped foot on it once more I
counted the things that had changed, but nobody was keeping score
The taste was different, the food so strange
As I stared at it I knew it was I who had changed

I could no longer walk in the middle of the night
And gaze at the stars that had brought me to this plight
Could I be pleased with this little excuse of a hill
When I had climbed mountains people dreamed of still

And so I forgot that foreign place
The reflection in the mirror returned to my face It inhabited
my dreams still, in the dead of the night The only time I
could dream of once again making that flight

-Nidhi Sura