Years Gone and Going

What should I say to you? I myself don’t know. Yesterday I was a child today
I am not. The day before yesterday it was okay to be naughty and playful now it
is not. Some days ago, every festival I celebrated seemed fun, now they do not
seem so. Neither has that child changed in me nor has those festivals, all that
changed was people’s expectations from me and my dreams. Btw, do you
remember the time when you were so excited to grow up? We all had different
expectations, dreams, and reasons for which we wanted to grow. For me it was
my dream of getting successful and rich, for some of us it might be freedom or
maybe to get devices like PlayStation, mobile and laptop, etc. and for some it
was the Emraan Hashmi films haha. Those dreams you know never came true;
okay some might have like getting devices but the hardships that came with
them overshadowed the joy. Like who thought growing older can be so
dangerous and scary? Well, it surely is now we know.
I talk with a lot of people and everyone is mostly like – How would I
know? You ask them anything just anything and they are like that. The point is
that we don’t know a damn thing like ever, we are always listening to someone,
searching for something or just going along the river’s flow. We aren’t clear
about our next second yet we’re making plans for the next 50 years. We aren’t
done with our today’s assignment yet we’re making plans for what we will do
tomorrow in college, which class we will bunk and what we would say our
crush etc. There are some phases when I’m like will studying hard, sincerely
and attentively really affect my future or not, will I get the job or not or
thousands of unknown questions ranging from why humans don’t have
flexibility like cats to why I cannot recall my previous birth memories etc.
Seriously life is so confusing here I’m usually don’t know who is my mama and
who is my chacha, I suck at blood relations, and still I’m supposed to crack top
jobs and blah blah blah of my life. Okay, for a moment let’s consider I even
cracked most things in my life even after that I’m not sure if I would be happy
or not. Seriously it’s like I achieve something and then I’m like the happiest
person in the world and then suddenly after a day or so I feel normal as if
nothing happened or in worse cases, I feel as if something is still missing. In
fact, one of my biggest fears is that I will achieve everything in my life and still
feel as if something is missing. But yes, I am helpless here so are you. There are
times when you just have to walk in dark with the expectation of seeing light.
Believe me, we all know these things and everyone is bothered by it, it’s just that most of us try to be distracted from this stuff using other distractions. Some
people regard this stuff as depressing some as negative stuff and etc. But I am
sometimes like how can be true things negative? How can be events of our life
considered negative? The point is that we all are always being fed with
motivational bullshit all the time like “You can do anything” “What you see you
achieve” “If you can dream it you can achieve it” “Everything happens for a
reason” “Everything is possible” blah blah blah. We are taught by society that
failures and thinking of failures is a bad thing but believe me, it isn’t. It’s
perfectly alright to be afraid of your future and failures cause it’s a part of us
and seriously how can running from reality make our life easier?
Let me break all those positive motivational lines for you. First, let’s
discuss “Everything happens for a reason”. Just tell what would be the positive
behind someone being bullied, assaulted or raped? Or what’s good in people
dying starving on the roads or what’s good in being homeless or failing in
classes? My point is that people use it to motivate us in life just to give us hope
and though I’m not against it completely I want to say that it’s not applicable at
every point too. People often use that line with a positive experience to inspire
people. Like many people say Oprah was rapped but she didn’t go with things
and see today she’s such an inspiration for the society. Well surely, she is but
what happened to other millions of women who were raped during that period,
is everyone as famous as her? People try to portray exceptions as something
which can happen to just each one of us. Now you might be wondering what my
point is right? Well my point is it’s okay to be loser sometimes, it’s okay if you
aren’t a millionaire or billionaire, it’s okay to fail and it’s okay to go through a
tough life and be angry because of it. Society often portrays the winners as the
leaders and losers as waste. I want to say that everyone has something in them
and you just have to try, there’s nothing like everything happens for a reason
nothing like that exists it’s just shit life throwing at you. It’s just you who can
change things for you and make your life worth! So, do it! Stop believing on
every bullshit thrown by society at you. They don’t know you! I will leave the
other bullshit statements used in motivational videos and society to you, analyse
them carefully you would understand their flaws and how society is trying to
just brainwash us.
Till this point, either you are still reading it or would have closed it
minutes ago saying it’s another bullshit. Well, it’s perfectly fine cause I can just
try to present my views and I cannot feed things to you. Also, you might be
wondering what should be done? You might be like okay we heard you, we
understood you but what should we do now? Well in my opinion first take a
deep breath, blink your eyes. Done? Okay first of all, stop worrying about what your parents, teachers or society fed you till now. You don’t need to get the
dream job immediately after you graduate and surely your life won’t end if you
don’t end, that 10 pointers of yours won’t land you at google and neither that 6
pointers say you would starve on roads. Nothing means anything seriously! You
don’t know what you should do? It’s fine, just relax try new things and try to
find your passion. It doesn’t matter if you find your calling at 20, 25 or 30 cause
98% of us seriously never find it just believe me, we keep working like robots
for money our entire life. Most of us are never satisfied with our life due to the
same work hard, work sincerely, be rich, be happy, you win mindset! What I
want to convey is focus on being happy, focus on memories don’t focus on
being millionaire or being successful like the billionaires even they aren’t
happy, Jeff Bezos is divorced so is Bill Gates so believe me being rich doesn’t
necessarily bring you the ‘Perfect Life’.

Do you want to try singing, dancing, painting, guitar and comedy etc.?
Just do it don’t think a lot. You want to go camping just go. You like that
girl/boy just go for him/her, it’s not that focusing on your studies till now took
you to MIT. I just want to say we think just way too much!!! We always treat
our brains like pressure cookers and we keep frying it always!!

“Just seriously live your life! It wouldn’t be fun repenting things at your
death bed. Don’t let a what if? question haunt you your entire life. Just go
and try it you don’t know if you have another minute seriously”