Girl, Stop Apologizing

Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals is the second self-help book written by New York Times Best-seller author Rachel Hollis. It’s relatively a quick read with about 242 pages that has been divided into three parts – Excuses to let go of, Behaviours to adopt and Skills to acquire that have revolutionised the lives of many women across the world.

So many women are petrified of what others will think if they pursue their dream. They start coming up with a million different excuses. The first part is all about the gruesome excuses that women think of and speak of that hold them back from being the best version of themselves. There’s one thing that differentiates ‘Girl, Stop Apologizing’ from others. It’s that Rachel shares her own experience, her mistakes and the way she got out of that bundle of excuses that she kept holding on for herself. When the author shares their story, it gives a personal touch to the book. I think that’s why this book has changed the lives of so many women. It’s relatable and the voice of a strong woman metaphorically shaking your shoulders to tell you, ‘YOU CAN DO IT!’

The second part includes seven chapters explaining the seven different behaviours that one should adopt to climb their way towards success. Rachel talks about how women can’t reach their highest potential because they feel they need permission or validation from their family members, peers or society. She asks all the women out there to let go of this bogus notion. Women should embrace their beauty, their mind, their ambitions and everything that makes them who they are. They shouldn’t be ashamed of wanting more but work for accomplishing all of that and much more. For this, one has to make small behavioural changes and let go of negative habits. Remember, if nothing changes, nothing is going to change.

The third part is all about the several tools, tips and advice to welcome a better tomorrow to achieve their version of success. Rachel talks about planning, confidence, positivity, persistence – some of the skills people think they have to be ‘born’ with and can’t ‘learn’ as they go through life. No mountain is high enough if you want to climb it! It’s all about the ways you can attain all the practical knowledge and skillset you need to be one step closer to achieving your goal. As Rachel calls it, Get your Lead-Her-Ship mode on and start today!

This book is so dang good because it shows women that they can do anything and be anything!It’s not just another book to motivate you or inspire you. Girl, Stop Apologizing tells you that ‘YOU are the motivation, YOU are the inspiration and YOU are amazing!’ It gives you positivity, tells you to believe the heck in yourself, gives you a proper set of tools and steers you in the right direction. It’s basically a step-by-step guide to success and becoming the most empowering, beautiful and best woman you know out there!