Confessions of a brown teenage boy: Why I love Billie Eilish

You know how, at times, you come across an artist (or a form of media) that is critically underrated, and it feels so good. You love how close-knit the fandom is and you would love to keep it that way. For the artist to be your little secret, spoken about in hushed whispers and recommended to only the closest of your friends. The ones who you know will ‘get it’. But at the same time, you can’t wait for the artist to blow up and finally get the recognition that has been long due.

Well, Billie Eilish was like that for me. And now, coincidentally, I’m experiencing the same emotions with her brother, FINNEAS. (y’all are sleeping on him but that’s a topic for a different essay)

I hate it when people say that she churns out generic, pop music and that all her fans are teenaged, white girls. Neither of those things is true. Her music is edgy, genre-agnostic (but playlist-friendly) fusion that sounds like pop and streams like hip-hop. And well, I’ve heard of septuagenarians that haven’t missed a single performance of hers.

So yes, hand me the tickets to her latest concert and group me with the 13-year-old white girls because I’d much rather be with them than with people who call pop-culture trash for the sake of being ‘quirky and unique’. There, I said it.

On a side note, literally all of her songs are insanely creative and remarkably catchy, right from beautiful ballads like ‘No Time To Die’ to nightmare material such as ‘bury a friend’.  She really is ‘Everything I Wanted’, and has become ‘My Strange Addiction’. She is, ‘Therefore I Am’.

Do yourself a favour and listen to a few of Billie’s songs (if you haven’t already). Trust me, your conversion to an Eilish stan will become inevitable.

Billie recognises that, with great power comes great responsibility, unlike many other celebrities and influencers. She stands up for what she believes in and champions numerous social causes that are close to her heart. Be it the rampant teenage sexualisation that she counters with her anti-silhouette clothing or her keen desire to do something about climate change for which she recommends voting for the right presidential candidate. She also firmly advocates destigmatising mental health issues.

It’s been well over 3 years since I discovered Billie Eilish (back when she still went by @wherearetheavocados) and going by her still burgeoning popularity and her total sweep of awards at every major function, I’d say that there’s a lot more to come. She has already become one of the biggest pop stars in the world and she’s not even 20 yet! (As someone who is roughly the same age as her, FML)

So, I’d advise you to buckle up cause we’re in for one hell of a ride…