You’ve Got Mail- The Holiday Letter Exchange

As the year comes to an end, it’s time for magic, frosty weather, and cozy blankets, but since we’re from Mumbai we’ll just go with the magic, And what better way to spread a little fairy dust, than exchanging wholesome letters with strangers?

We at DJ Lit have partnered with Letters to Strangers, India and to give you, You’ve Got Mail – The Holiday Letter Exchange

For those of you who weren’t around last year, here’s the deal:
• Fill the form
• Write a letter and mail it to us.
• We’ll deliver your letter to a stranger, and you’ll receive a stranger’s letter in return.

It’s your chance to go wild, and write weird and wonderful stories without judgment! Be warned though, anything potentially triggering or inappropriate in general will be filtered out and disqualified.

1. Sign up – by 20th December
Fill the form and answer the given questions about your interests so we can match you with a stranger here:

2. Wait for an email from us:
This will contain the pseudonym of your partner, along with their replies to the questionnaire so you get an idea of the sort of person they are.

3. Mail us your letter – by 27th December
Write a fun and friendly letter and share it with us! We shall send it to your stranger (Do not write anything potentially triggering/terribly NSFW). Be respectful.

4. Letter exchange – on New Year’s Day
Sit back and wait while the elves do their thing, and deliver your letter (by email again; these are very tech-savvy elves).

Here’s to 2022! Let’s spread some love and laughter!