Gossip Girl

After having gone through a bunch of horrifying decadent thrillers, I was in no mood to see any more bloodshed or rampant killings. Well, even though Gossip Girl has a different kind of bloodshed at the hands of the elite teens from the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York, it seemed like the best choice to go for. Gossip Girl is about a mystery woman unfolding secrets of the scandalous lives of the Manhattan’s elite. 

As season one unfolds the sumptuous lives of the kids of the socialites, businessmen and Wall Street guys, it takes us through the roller coaster of sinister plots and splurging on sleepover parties for high school girls. With the return of one of the main characters, Serena van der Woodsen, from her mysterious disappearance to a boarding school, the pilot unfolds her complicated relationship with her former best friend Blair Waldorf, the now queen-bee of Manhattan and a newly formed friendship with a certain Dan Humphrey or infamously known as the ‘lonely boy’. 

As we get to know about the friendship between the notorious playboy Chuck Bass and the golden boy Nate Archibald, the series takes us on a high and low with all the complicated love triangles, high school drama, love, betrayal, friendships and much much more! Also, not to forget the younger sister of our lonely boy, Jenny Humphrey, who is dying to get inside the inner circle and will do just about anything to stay there. 

The storyline keeps us on our toes and allows us to get a glimpse of the stardom and lavish lives of the most popular ones in the game. Will the ball gowns, evening margaritas and masquerade parties untangle the web of lies? Or will it turn into another contorted tidbit just ready to spark a fire? Well, when it comes to the lives involving these infamous souls, you can never be sure!

However, Gossip Girl is not just another teenage chick-flick. In fact, it’s anything but. I marvel at which the storyline takes us forward. The storyline and plots, the scheming and planning, the lies, rumours and seditious relationships, all of it seems to click at the end to give you a season finale that keeps you wanting more. The final intervention is so satisfying, almost like finding the perfect key out of a thousand for that one old, rustic lock. 

Over the years, we see the teens growing into young adults having to make far more important decisions than which accessory would perfectly match their shoes. Having spent their fair share of birthdays, graduations, sorrowful goodbyes and even untimely funerals, unexpected friendships start to bloom. It’s as though no outsider can understand their lives even if they try to. And the only ones who can, are almost always one phone call away. I find it’s a beautiful take on friendships, ones that last, ones that you will do just about anything for. Because at the end of the day, no matter the drama, Blair will always be there for Serena, Dan can always go to Rufus and Chuck and Nate will be best buds. 

And no matter how much apocryphal the story might be, it’s comforting knowing that even the most self-indulgent, ruthless egomaniacs will find love and long-lasting friendships with the right people. No matter how insouciant they might seem about expressing their deep, dark secrets, everybody needs somebody. After all, Damon did find Elena and I bet there’s somebody for the imperious Chuck Bass too…

So if you are someone who is looking for some drama that for a change is not about you, (let’s be honest that’s a little comforting now) this is the show for you. Get ready for a once in a lifetime fashionable jaunt of brutal comebacks and revenge plots alongside our characters as they grow into the next generation of world-class socialites, leaders, designers and businesswomen of the elite.